M-learning About Tongan Food: A Concept of a Culture-specific App for Learning About Tongan Food Culture

Tu'inukuafe, Hulu-Tungua
Frommherz, Gudrun
Guinibert, Matthew
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Master of Communication Studies
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Auckland University of Technology

This study discusses how an app can assist New Zealand-born and raised Tongans to continue learning about Tongan food culture. As Tongans have immigrated to overseas countries for a better life, the majority have settled in New Zealand. The Tongans in New Zealand have assimilated into New Zealand culture in order to fit into New Zealand’s society. Through Tongans integrating and assimilating to New Zealand culture, the native culture is at risk of slowly deteriorating, thus affecting the cultural identity of New Zealand-born Tongans.

An app that is culture-specific to Tongan users, can assist in helping them to learn about Tongan food culture in New Zealand. The concept of a culture-specific app is made with features that cater to the user’s learning style, such as observing and imitating actions and listening to family and community members’ stories.

The research investigated both salient Tongan learning styles and the design criteria that became essential for the culture-specific app. The study presents a proof of concept of the design for the app, that was developed through a practice-based research approach.

Tonga , Tongan , Design , App , Application , Mobile , m-Learning , User-centered design , User , User interface , User interface design , Talanoa , Faka'apa'apa , Anga lelei , User experience , Food , Learning , Culture
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