Chinese Tourists’ Dining Preference in New Zealand

Meng, Qingyao
Poulston, Jill
Wang, Pola
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Master of International Tourism Management
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Auckland University of Technology

Chinese tourism plays a significant role in the New Zealand market, with food choices being essential to Chinese culture and daily life. However, there appears little research on Chinese tourists’ dining preference, especially in relation to their dining habits. By examining comments from the Chinese tourists’ reviews on Dianping website this study aims to discover what Chinese tourists preferred when they dined in New Zealand. Data were collected from 120 reviewers on Dianping, where they shared information about New Zealand tourist destinations, posted from 31 June 2018 to 31 July 2018. This study selected 60 positive and 60 negative reviews about restaurants in Queenstown. After reading all 120 reviews, the data were categorised into five criteria: quality of the food, environment, the price, professionalism, and passion of the service staff. In terms of quality of food, the reviewers highlighted: flavour, food portions, presentation of food, quality of ingredients and food types. This study examines the reviewers’ comments in detail to show the dining preference of Chinese tourists visiting New Zealand with a view to how this information might enhance the Chinese tourists’ experience in the future.

Dining preference , Food quality , Environment , Price , Professionalism and passion of staff , Service quality
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