Substrate‐induced Self‐assembly of Cooperative Catalysts

Solis Munana, P
Ragazzon, G
Dupont, J
Ren, CZ
Prins, LJ
Chen, J
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Journal Article
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John Wiley & Sons

Dissipative self-assembly processes in Nature rely on chemical fuels that activate proteins for assembly through the formation of a noncovalent complex. The catalytic activity of the assemblies causes fuel degradation, resulting in the formation of an assembly in a high-energy, out-of-equilibrium state. Herein, we apply this concept to a synthetic system and demonstrate that a substrate can induce the formation of vesicular assemblies, which act as cooperative catalysts for cleavage of the same substrate.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 57(50), 16469-16474.
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