Exploring Health-related Quality of Life Determinants of New Zealand Sole Mothers

Walker, J
Krägeloh, CU
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International research has repeatedly linked sole motherhood to diminished levels of psychological and physical health. The purpose of the present study was to add to the limited amount of research on the health-related quality of life determinants in sole mothers, particularly in New Zealand. A sample of 263 New Zealand sole mothers recruited through a number of parent or women's networking groups completed a questionnaire on health-related quality of life, perceived stress and social support. Social support was positively associated with health-related quality of life irrespective of level of perceived stress, thus finding no evidence for a stress-buffering effect. The strongest protective factors against lowered health-related quality of life were social support and adult family members living at the same home, highlighting possible strategies to overcome inequalities in health-related quality of life.

New Zealand , Perceived stress , Quality of life , Social support , Sole mothers
Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, 11(1), 59-71.
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