Motions from the Hand to the Digital: An exploration of colour mutability through material based print processes

Turbott, Rose
Smith, Mandy
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Master of Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Textile designers have begun digitally crafting surface through exploring materiality, resulting in new ways to connect to the tactile act of making as both digital and craft based through action. This shift concerns an engagement with the potential of chance - recognising the unorthodox through texture, colour and ‘tensioned’ use of digital and craft based technique allows for new stories of surface to be told. In this practise, the hand based technique of dyeing is translated into the digital print medium. Observing subtle shifts of colour through the reactivity of dyestuff regarding temperature and solution invited the designer to expose the movement of colour rather than create it through directive means. This changes the visual language of colour to be understood and valued through its mutability. Challenging the static colour outcomes that result from standardised action allow for variation and colour sensitivity to play an emotive role through surface.

The nuances of textile based practise are also explored through this context – story boarding and colour sampling illustrate the embedded connection of tactility sensitive to the discipline. Exploring tactility allowed for the designer to create variations of process and explore the importance of spatiality and physical labour in relationship to their own creative control.

Surface , Colour , Mutable , Craft , Digital , Materiality
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