Understanding the influence of the Good Sports intervention upon youth sport parents and leaders through Transformative Learning Theory

Ali, Javeed Nur
Millar, Sarah Kate
Lucas, Patricia
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Master of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

Sports codes and government organisations have identified that sport participation numbers are decreasing, especially within the ages of 7-13. Less mainstream sports and the increased access of technological options could explain this decrease in participation. However, the experiences of the children are sometimes forgotten or discounted. Aktive Sport and Recreation piloted the Good Sports project, aiming to help adults become aware of the negative behaviours which inhibit a positive youth sports experience. The aim of this study was to understand if Good Sports workshop presented to a Volunteer Governance Group (VGG) of a popular winter sport could create a change in thinking. The study used a case study approach whereby baseline and post-intervention surveys, observations of participants during the workshop and interviews following the workshop were used to ascertain if a change in thinking had occurred. The study identified that the Good Sports workshop was not only able to create awareness regarding negative adult behaviour in youth sport, but it also created a change in thinking. Previous studies have identified that a change in thinking predisposes a change of behaviour and this study provided examples of changes of behaviour. The study was able to provide evidence that the Good Sports workshop delivered to the VGG had a positive impact upon its members and is likely to filter through to those who they influence.

Youth sport , Intervention , Case study methodology , Thematic analysis , Good Sports
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