Development of lactic-fermented vegetable and meat combinations hat exploit endogenous vegetable nitrate to cure the meat

Zhao, Zhiyu
Young, Owen
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Master of Science
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Auckland University of Technology

The main aim of this research was to investigate the development of lactic-fermented vegetable and meat combinations that exploit endogenous vegetable nitrate to cure the meat. In most cases, BFL-F02 was used as starter culture. The best results were obtained with raw cabbage and cooked beef. For the ratio of cabbage:meat, the pH value increased when the ratio was decreased. In most experiments, glucose was not added because it made no difference to the final pH. The results of pH and colour values with different starter culture made little difference to outcomes. In 4°C stoarge, the mixture will lose less fluid than the one at ambient temperature. The colour change with 20 g of meat and 10 g of cabbage was equal to adding 3 mg of sodium nitrite. During 56 days’ storage, the beef colour was changed from brown to pink and back to brown again at ambient temperature but the cured beef maintained a residual pink colour when stored in the refrigerator. In the sensory test, Chinese members preferred the sweetest flavours but the other participants thought less or non-sweet samples were best.

Nitrate and nitrite , Lactic acid fermentation , Vegetable , Meat , Kimchi , Starter culture
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