DiY (Do-it-Yourself) pedagogy: A future-less orientation to education

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A future-less orientation, as defined in this article, explores approaches to education within the context of precarious, shifting, labour markets and the uncertain future of employment trends. A future-less orientation questions the validity of traditional views of education: as a means of preparing students for an imagined future career; one which may never happen. DiY (Do-it-Yourself) culture has a long tradition of finding innovative solutions to problems which institutions have failed to supply. In this article we explore the potentials of a DiY pedagogy based on a decentralised and transdisciplinary approach which emphasise diversity and community as a strategy to surviving a precarious future.

Futures education; Pedagogy; Jobless future; Transdisciplinarity; DIY
Open Review of Educational Research, Vol. 5 (1), pp. 28–42.
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