Comparative responsiveness of NZ property market segments towards relevant demand factors

Vichare, Uday
Mazumder, M Imtiaz
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

New Zealand property market like any other markets is influenced by various demand and supply factors. This dissertation examines the responsiveness of major demand factors like migration, interest rates, currency exchange rates, and other investment opportunities to the four property segments namely residential dwellings market, land sections market, life style property market, and non life style rural property market. In our correlation analysis we observed that only residential dwellings market and land sections market have significant positive correlations with net migration. Lifestyle and non lifestyle properties have not shown significant correlation with net migration. As compared to net migration, interest rate is more effective factor and all the four property segments we have tested have shown a strong negative correlation towards the interest rates. When examined against the New Zealand dollar, the property segments indicated positive correlations. It is little contradictory to a general thinking that when New Zealand dollar is weak, the properties are cheaper for international investors and the demand for properties go up. The responsiveness of the property market segments against other investment avenues was analyzed with New Zealand Stock Exchange Index. Our result shows a strong positive correlation contradicting with well accepted principle of diversification in asset allocation of portfolio management.

Property -- New Zealand , Residential real estate -- New Zealand
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