Shadow of math: An exploration of the systematical process of my studio practice

Brown, Jonathan
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

My project explores methods of diagrammatical mapping which result in large-scale abstract paintings that cross the boundaries between painting and digital media. These hybrid paintings document an interaction with systems where systems and processes act as a set of strategies and defining rules that proport to map my activity. My studio practice explores a methodology that suggests mathematical systems underlining the work and the finished works have the appearance of being created by math operating in my practice. This resonance of math is referred to as the ‘shadow of math’ in the title for this Exegesis. Photographs are taken that record an act and are then transformed into drawings that are entered into a computer program. The automated program puts the drawings through a process of animations that breaks the action into individual components that occur within a series of animated time frames. These designs are then compiled and out-putted and the result becomes a digital template for a singular painting. My exegesis explores this interaction with diagrammatical mapping systems and positions traditional visual art practice within a context of creative technologies. My project questions notions of intuition by attempting to negate aspects of artistic impulse through means of an automated program. Abstract designs are generated that do not solely rely on my artistic activity, but are removed from the process at a critical point.

Computer art , Art , Abstract , Abstract computer art
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