Tia E Lili Ke Mau. Regeneration of Vagahau Niue: A case study of Niue youth through the Ekalesia in Niue and in Auckland, New Zealand

Tukimata, Nogiata
Ka'ai, Tania
Warhol, Larisa
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Master of Arts in Language Revitalisation
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Auckland University of Technology

As languages evolve and change at a rapid pace globally, efforts for the revitalisation of endangered Indigenous languages have become increasingly present in Pacific migrant communities. This is certainly the case with the Niue community in New Zealand, where larger numbers in recent times, are now living outside of the island homeland thus exceeding the population on Niue.

The regeneration of the Vagahau Niue (Niue language) through the church in particular, is prompting active solutions to be implemented within the Auckland Niue community including language maintenance. This research will examine the importance and significance of the Ekalesia church in the regeneration of Vagahau Niue for youth both in the homeland of Niue, and within Auckland, New Zealand. A closer look at the church as a language domain and youth, as carriers of the Niue language and language revitalisation activists, will also be examined in this study.

This thesis will be presented back to the Niue community as a resource that will help contribute to the revitalisation of Vagahau Niue, not only for the generation of today, but for those generations to come in the future.

Vagahau Niue , Niue youth , Ekalesia , Niue community
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