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  • Be the key concentration of research activity
  • Provide an education, mentoring and training role for postgraduate students
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Collections in AUT Research Institutes, Centres and Networks

Recently Added

  • “It’s Just a Lot More Casual”: Young Heterosexual Women’s Experiences of Using Tinder in New Zealand

    Farvid, P; Aisher, K (Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, 2016)
    Tinder is a mobile dating app that has recently taken off among young heterosexuals. While attracting great media attention, little scholarly work exists on the topic. In this paper we begin to address this gap by reporting ...
  • Economy of Mana: Where to Next?

    Dell, K; Staniland, N; Nicholson, A (Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, 2018)
    Writings on traditional Māori economies have highlighted the value system that philosophically underpins them and the relational nature of trading interactions. Further, the significance of mana in sustaining economic ...
  • Silent Strategies: The Legacy of Sexual Violence Among Chinese Indonesians

    Andajani-Sutjahjo, S; Bennett, LR; Davies, SG (Gender and Cultural Studies, School of Culture, History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University., 2018)
  • The Career Constructions of Hospitality Students: A Rocky Road

    Mooney, S; Jameson, S (Intellect, 2018)
    This article presents the first set of data from an ongoing three-year longitudinal study, which explores how hospitality undergraduates develop a career identity during the course of their studies. Previous, generally ...
  • Long Hospitality Careers - a Contradiction in Terms?

    Mooney, SK; Harris, C; Ryan, I (Emerald, 2016)
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore why workers remain in long hospitality careers and to challenge the frequent portrayal of careers in the sector as temporary and unsatisfactory. Design/methodology/approach The ...
  • Extended Coagulation Profiling in Isolated Traumatic Brain Injury: A CENTER-TBI Analysis

    Böhm, JK; Schaeben, V; Schäfer, N; Güting, H; Lefering, R; Thorn, S; Schöchl, H; Zipperle, J; Grottke, O; Rossaint, R; Stanworth, S; Curry, N; Maegele, M; Åkerlund, C; Amrein, K; Andelic, N; Andreassen, L; Anke, A; Antoni, A; Audibert, G; Azouvi, P; Azzolini, ML; Bartels, R; Barzó, P; Beauvais, R; Beer, R; Bellander, BM; Belli, A; Benali, H; Berardino, M; Beretta, L; Blaabjerg, M; Bragge, P; Brazinova, A; Brinck, V; Brooker, J; Brorsson, C; Buki, A; Bullinger, M; Cabeleira, M; Caccioppola, A; Calappi, E; Calvi, MR; Cameron, P; Lozano, GC; Carbonara, M; Cavallo, S; Chevallard, G; Chieregato, A; Citerio, G; Ceyisakar, I; Clusmann, H; Coburn, M; Coles, J; Cooper, JD; Correia, M; Čović, A; Czeiter, E; Czosnyka, M; Dahyot-Fizelier, C; Dark, P; Dawes, H; De Keyser, V; Degos, V; Corte, FD; Boogert, HD; Depreitere, B; Đilvesi, Đ; Dixit, A; Donoghue, E; Dreier, J; Dulière, GL; Ercole, A; Esser, P; Ezer, E; Fabricius, M; Feigin, VL; Foks, K; Frisvold, S; Furmanov, A; Gagliardo, P; Galanaud, D; Gantner, D; Gao, G; George, P; Ghuysen, A; Giga, L; Glocker, B; Golubovic, J; Gomez, PA; Gratz, J; Gravesteijn, B; Grossi, F; Gruen, RL; Gupta, D; Haagsma, JA; Haitsma, I; Helbok, R; Helseth, E; Horton, L (Springer, 2021)
    Background: Trauma-induced coagulopathy in traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains associated with high rates of complications, unfavorable outcomes, and mortality. The underlying mechanisms are largely unknown. Embedded in ...
  • Digital Solutions for Primary Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Mass Individual and Public Health Approach

    Feigin, VL; Krishnamurthi, R; Merkin, A; Nair, B; Kravchenko, M; Jalili-Moghaddam, S (Elsevier BV, 2022)
  • Onboarding for New Managers? Yeah, nah

    Watkins, C; Mooney, SK
    This article explores the onboarding process for new managers joining food and beverage organisations, and the role of Organisational Socialisation. Our study identified a heavy reliance on informal training practices, ...
  • POTS and PANdemic: Chef wellbeing amidst COVID-19

    Robinson, RNS; Mooney, SK; Brenner, ML; Doan, T
    As most developed nations emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic period, amid exceptionally high hospitality labour shortages, it is timely and important to understand the state of chefs and cooks’ mental health and wellbeing ...
  • Only Two Out of Five Articles by New Zealand Researchers Are Free-to-Access: A Multiple API Study of Access, Citations, Cost of Article Processing Charges (APC), and the Potential to Increase the Proportion of Open Access

    White, RKA; Angelo, A; Fitchett, D; Fraser, M; Hayes, L; Howie, J; Richardson, E; White, B
    We studied journal articles published by researchers at all eight New Zealand universities in 2017 to determine how many were freely accessible on the web. We wrote software code to harvest data from multiple sources, code ...
  • Population-level Risks of Alcohol Consumption by Amount, Geography, Age, Sex, and Year: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2020

    Bryazka, D; Reitsma, MB; Griswold, MG; Abate, KH; Abbafati, C; Abbasi-Kangevari, M; Abbasi-Kangevari, Z; Abdoli, A; Abdollahi, M; Abdullah, AYM; Abhilash, ES; Abu-Gharbieh, E; Acuna, JM; Addolorato, G; Adebayo, OM; Adekanmbi, V; Adhikari, K; Adhikari, S; Adnani, QES; Afzal, S; Agegnehu, WY; Aggarwal, M; Ahinkorah, BO; Ahmad, AR; Ahmad, S; Ahmad, T; Ahmadi, A; Ahmadi, S; Ahmed, H; Ahmed Rashid, T; Akunna, CJ; Al Hamad, H; Alam, MZ; Alem, DT; Alene, KA; Alimohamadi, Y; Alizadeh, A; Allel, K; Alonso, J; Alvand, S; Alvis-Guzman, N; Amare, F; Ameyaw, EK; Amiri, S; Ancuceanu, R; Anderson, JA; Andrei, CL; Andrei, T; Arabloo, J; Arshad, M; Artamonov, AA; Aryan, Z; Asaad, M; Asemahagn, MA; Astell-Burt, T; Athari, SS; Atnafu, DD; Atorkey, P; Atreya, A; Ausloos, F; Ausloos, M; Ayano, G; Ayanore, MAA; Ayinde, OO; Ayuso-Mateos, JL; Azadnajafabad, S; Azanaw, MM; Azangou-Khyavy, M; Azari Jafari, A; Azzam, AY; Badiye, AD; Bagheri, N; Bagherieh, S; Bairwa, M; Bakkannavar, SM; Bakshi, RK; Balchut/Bilchut, AH; Bärnighausen, TW; Barra, F; Barrow, A; Baskaran, P; Belo, L; Bennett, DA; Benseñor, IM; Bhagavathula, AS; Bhala, N; Bhalla, A; Bhardwaj, N; Bhardwaj, P; Bhaskar, S; Bhattacharyya, K; Bhojaraja, VS; Bintoro, BS; Blokhina, EAE; Bodicha, BBA; Boloor, A; Bosetti, C; Braithwaite, D; Brenner, H; Briko, NI; Brunoni, AR; Butt, ZA; Cao, C; Cao, Y; Cárdenas, R; Carvalho, AF; Carvalho, M; Castaldelli-Maia, JM; Castelpietra, G; Castro-de-Araujo, LFS; Cattaruzza, MS; Chakraborty, PA; Charan, J; Chattu, VK; Chaurasia, A; Cherbuin, N; Chu, D-T; Chudal, N; Chung, S-C; Churko, C; Ciobanu, LG; Cirillo, M; Claro, RM; Costanzo, S; Cowden, RG; Criqui, MH; Cruz-Martins, N; Culbreth, GT; Dachew, BA; Dadras, O; Dai, X; Damiani, G; Dandona, L; Dandona, R; Daniel, BD; Danielewicz, A; Darega Gela, J; Davletov, K; de Araujo, JAP; de Sá-Junior, AR; Debela, SA; Dehghan, A; Demetriades, AK; Derbew Molla, M; Desai, R; Desta, AA; Dias da Silva, D; Diaz, D; Digesa, LE; Diress, M; Dodangeh, M; Dongarwar, D; Dorostkar, F; Dsouza, HL; Duko, B; Duncan, BB; Edvardsson, K; Ekholuenetale, M; Elgar, FJ; Elhadi, M; Elmonem, MA; Endries, AY; Eskandarieh, S; Etemadimanesh, A; Fagbamigbe, AF; Fakhradiyev, IR; Farahmand, F; Farinha, CSES; Faro, A; Farzadfar, F; Fatehizadeh, A; Fauk, NK; Feigin, VL; Feldman, R; Feng, X; Fentaw, Z; Ferrero, S; Ferro Desideri, L; Filip, I; Fischer, F; Francis, JM; Franklin, RC; Gaal, PA; Gad, MM; Gallus, S; Galvano, F; Ganesan, B; Garg, T; Gebrehiwot, MGD; Gebremeskel, TG; Gebremichael, MA; Gemechu, TR; Getacher, L; Getachew, ME; Getachew Obsa, A; Getie, A; Ghaderi, A; Ghafourifard, M; Ghajar, A; Ghamari, S-H; Ghandour, LA; Ghasemi Nour, M; Ghashghaee, A; Ghozy, S; Glozah, FN; Glushkova, EV; Godos, J; Goel, A; Goharinezhad, S; Golechha, M; Goleij, P; Golitaleb, M; Greaves, F; Grivna, M; Grosso, G; Gudayu, TW; Gupta, B; Gupta, R; Gupta, S; Gupta, VB; Gupta, VK; Hafezi-Nejad, N; Haj-Mirzaian, A; Hall, BJ; Halwani, R; Handiso, TB; Hankey, GJ; Hariri, S; Haro, JM; Hasaballah, AI; Hassanian-Moghaddam, H; Hay, SI; Hayat, K; Heidari, G; Heidari, M; Hendrie, D; Herteliu, C; Heyi, DZ; Hezam, K; Hlongwa, MM; Holla, R; Hossain, MM; Hossain, S; Hosseini, SK; hosseinzadeh, M; Hostiuc, M; Hostiuc, S; Hu, G; Huang, J; Hussain, S; Ibitoye, SE; Ilic, IM; Ilic, MD; Immurana, M; Irham, LM; Islam, MM; Islam, RM; Islam, SMS; Iso, H; Itumalla, R; Iwagami, M; Jabbarinejad, R; Jacob, L; Jakovljevic, M; Jamalpoor, Z; Jamshidi, E; Jayapal, SK; Jayarajah, UU; Jayawardena, R; Jebai, R; Jeddi, SA; Jema, AT; Jha, RP; Jindal, HA; Jonas, JB; Joo, T; Joseph, N; Joukar, F; Jozwiak, JJ; Jürisson, M; Kabir, A; Kabthymer, RH; Kamble, BD; Kandel, H; Kanno, GG; Kapoor, N; Karaye, IM; Karimi, SE; Kassa, BG; Kaur, RJ; Kayode, GA; Keykhaei, M; Khajuria, H; Khalilov, R; Khan, IA; Khan, MAB; Kim, H; Kim, J; Kim, MS; Kimokoti, RW; Kivimäki, M; Klymchuk, V; Knudsen, AKS; Kolahi, A-A; Korshunov, VA; Koyanagi, A; Krishan, K; Krishnamoorthy, Y; Kumar, GA; Kumar, N; Kumar, N; Lacey, B; Lallukka, T; Lasrado, S; Lau, J; Lee, S-W; Lee, W-C; Lee, YH; Lim, L-L; Lim, SS; Lobo, SW; Lopukhov, PD; Lorkowski, S; Lozano, R; Lucchetti, G; Madadizadeh, F; Madureira-Carvalho, ÁM; Mahjoub, S; Mahmoodpoor, A; Mahumud, RA; Makki, A; Malekpour, M-R; Manjunatha, N; Mansouri, B; Mansournia, MA; Martinez-Raga, J; Martinez-Villa, FA; Matzopoulos, R; Maulik, PK; Mayeli, M; McGrath, JJ; Meena, JK; Mehrabi Nasab, E; Menezes, RG; Mensink, GBM; Mentis, A-FA; Meretoja, A; Merga, BT; Mestrovic, T; Miao Jonasson, J; Miazgowski, B; Micheletti Gomide Nogueira de Sá, AC; Miller, TR; Mini, GK; Mirica, A; Mirijello, A; Mirmoeeni, S; Mirrakhimov, EM; Misra, S; Moazen, B; Mobarakabadi, M; Moccia, M; Mohammad, Y; Mohammadi, E; Mohammadian-Hafshejani, A; Mohammed, TA; Moka, N; Mokdad, AH; Momtazmanesh, S; Moradi, Y; Mostafavi, E; Mubarik, S; Mullany, EC; Mulugeta, BT; Murillo-Zamora, E; Murray, CJL; Mwita, JC; Naghavi, M; Naimzada, MD; Nangia, V; Nayak, BP; Negoi, I; Negoi, RI; Nejadghaderi, SA; Nepal, S; Neupane, SPP; Neupane Kandel, S; Nigatu, YT; Nowroozi, A; Nuruzzaman, KM; Nzoputam, CI; Obamiro, KO; Ogbo, FA; Oguntade, AS; Okati-Aliabad, H; Olakunde, BO; Oliveira, GMM; Omar Bali, A; Omer, E; Ortega-Altamirano, DV; Otoiu, A; Otstavnov, SS; Oumer, B; P A, M; Padron-Monedero, A; Palladino, R; Pana, A; Panda-Jonas, S; Pandey, A; Pandey, A; Pardhan, S; Parekh, T; Park, E-K; Parry, CDH; Pashazadeh Kan, F; Patel, J; Pati, S; Patton, GC; Paudel, U; Pawar, S; Peden, AE; Petcu, I-R; Phillips, MR; Pinheiro, M; Plotnikov, E; Pradhan, PMS; Prashant, A; Quan, J; Radfar, A; Rafiei, A; Raghav, PR; Rahimi-Movaghar, V; Rahman, A; Rahman, MM; Rahman, M; Rahmani, AM; Rahmani, S; Ranabhat, CL; Ranasinghe, P; Rao, CR; Rasali, DP; Rashidi, M-M; Ratan, ZA; Rawaf, DL; Rawaf, S; Rawal, L; Renzaho, AMN; Rezaei, N; Rezaei, S; Rezaeian, M; Riahi, SM; Romero-Rodríguez, E; Roth, GA; Rwegerera, GM; Saddik, B; Sadeghi, E; Sadeghian, R; Saeed, U; Saeedi, F; Sagar, R; Sahebkar, A; Sahoo, H; Sahraian, MA; Saif-Ur-Rahman, KM; Salahi, S; Salimzadeh, H; Samy, AM; Sanmarchi, F; Santric-Milicevic, MM; Sarikhani, Y; Sathian, B; Saya, GK; Sayyah, M; Schmidt, MI; Schutte, AE; Schwarzinger, M; Schwebel, DC; Seidu, A-A; Senthil Kumar, N; SeyedAlinaghi, S; Seylani, A; Sha, F; Shahin, S; Shahraki-Sanavi, F; Shahrokhi, S; Shaikh, MA; Shaker, E; Shakhmardanov, MZ; Shams-Beyranvand, M; Sheikhbahaei, S; Sheikhi, RA; Shetty, A; Shetty, JK; Shiferaw, DS; Shigematsu, M; Shiri, R; Shirkoohi, R; Shivakumar, KM; Shivarov, V; Shobeiri, P; Shrestha, R; Sidemo, NB; Sigfusdottir, ID; Silva, DAS; Silva, NTD; Singh, JA; Singh, S; Skryabin, VY; Skryabina, AA; Sleet, DA; Solmi, M; SOLOMON, Y; Song, S; Song, Y; Sorensen, RJD; Soshnikov, S; Soyiri, IN; Stein, DJ; Subba, SH; Szócska, M; Tabarés-Seisdedos, R; Tabuchi, T; Taheri, M; Tan, K-K; Tareke, M; Tarkang, EE; Temesgen, G; Temesgen, WA; Temsah, M-H; Thankappan, KR; Thapar, R; Thomas, NK; Tiruneh, C; Todorovic, J; Torrado, M; Touvier, M; Tovani-Palone, MR; Tran, MTN; Trias-Llimós, S; Tripathy, JP; Vakilian, A; Valizadeh, R; Varmaghani, M; Varthya, SB; Vasankari, TJ; Vos, T; Wagaye, B; Waheed, Y; Walde, MT; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Wang, Y-P; Westerman, R; Wickramasinghe, ND; Wubetu, AD; Xu, S; Yamagishi, K; Yang, L; Yesera, GEE; Yigit, A; Yiğit, V; Yimaw, AEAE; Yon, DK; Yonemoto, N; Yu, C; Zadey, S; Zahir, M; Zare, I; Zastrozhin, MS; Zastrozhina, A; Zhang, Z-J; Zhong, C; Zmaili, M; Zuniga, YMH; Gakidou, E (Elsevier BV, 2022)
    Background The health risks associated with moderate alcohol consumption continue to be debated. Small amounts of alcohol might lower the risk of some health outcomes but increase the risk of others, suggesting that the ...
  • Rethinking Tourism’s Definition, Scope and Future of Sustainable Work and Employment: Editorial for the Journal of Sustainable Tourism Special Issue on “Locating Workforce at the Heart of Sustainable Tourism Discourse”

    Mooney, S; Robinson, R; Solnet, D; Baum, T (Taylor & Francis, 2022)
    This special issue of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism showcases research that addresses an identified gap that is the relative neglect of the sustainability concept in a workforce context. The special issue presents 10 ...
  • 2022 World Hypertension League, Resolve To Save Lives and International Society of Hypertension Dietary Sodium (Salt) Global Call to Action

    Campbell, NRC; Whelton, PK; Orias, M; Wainford, RD; Cappuccio, FP; Ide, N; Neal, B; Cohn, J; Cobb, LK; Webster, J; Trieu, K; He, FJ; McLean, RM; Blanco-Metzler, A; Woodward, M; Khan, N; Kokubo, Y; Nederveen, L; Arcand, J; MacGregor, GA; Owolabi, MO; Lisheng, L; Parati, G; Lackland, DT; Charchar, FJ; Williams, B; Tomaszewski, M; Romero, CA; Champagne, B; L’Abbe, MR; Weber, MA; Schlaich, MP; Fogo, A; Feigin, VL; Akinyemi, R; Inserra, F; Menon, B; Simas, M; Neves, MF; Hristova, K; Pullen, C; Pandeya, S; Ge, J; Jalil, JE; Wang, J-G; Wideimsky, J; Kreutz, R; Wenzel, U; Stowasser, M; Arango, M; Protogerou, A; Gkaliagkousi, E; Fuchs, FD; Patil, M; Chan, AW-K; Nemcsik, J; Tsuyuki, RT; Narasingan, SN; Sarrafzadegan, N; Ramos, ME; Yeo, N; Rakugi, H; Ramirez, AJ; Álvarez, G; Berbari, A; Kim, C-I; Ihm, S-H; Chia, Y-C; Unurjargal, T; Park, HK; Wahab, K; McGuire, H; Dashdorj, NJ; Ishaq, M; Ona, DID; Mercado-Asis, LB; Prejbisz, A; Leenaerts, M; Simão, C; Pinto, F; Almustafa, BA; Spaak, J; Farsky, S; Lovic, D; Zhang, X-H (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2022)
  • Randomised, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study Investigating Safety and efficAcy of MLC901 in Post-traUmatic bRAin Injury: The SAMURAI Study Protocol

    Pilipenko, P; Ivanova, AA; Kotsiubinskaya, YV; Feigin, V; Majdan, M; Grigoryeva, VN; Khrulev, AY (BMJ Publishing, 2022)
    INTRODUCTION: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death in young adults globally and 90% of cases are mild TBI. Treatment to facilitate recovery after TBI is needed. Traditional medicine MLC901 (NeuroAiD II) ...
  • Sustainable Embedded Academic Literacy Development: The Gradual Handover of Literacy Teaching

    Macnaught, L; Bassett, M; van der Ham, V; Milne, J; Jenkin, C
    This study reports on a four-year project to embed academic literacy within one core course of a Bachelor of Education program. It involves an interdisciplinary collaboration between learning advisors, as literacy specialists, ...
  • Value and Significance of Accessible Tourism

    Gillovic, B (AUT University, 2021)
  • Transferring and Adapting Xr Design Principles Across the Pacific

    Aguayo, C (The Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL), 2022)
  • XR Technologies and Experience-Based Learning: A New Tech for Education?

    Taheri, A; Aguayo, C (The Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL), 2022)
  • Somaesthetics and the Non-digital in Mixed Reality XR Education Design

    Smith, J; Aguayo, C (The Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL), 2022)
  • Pedagogy of Uncertainty: Laying Down a Path in Walking With STEAM

    Aguayo, C; Videla-Reyes, R (The Scholarship of Technology enhanced Learning (SoTEL), 2022)
    Educators around the world are facing the challenges and opportunities of 21st Century education, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, STEAM education, and the rise of digital immersive technologies presenting a promising field ...

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