• A literature review on the effects of living wage policies

      Maloney, TJ (Auckland Council, 2013)
      No abstract.
    • A typology of service supply chain strategies - pathways between agility and efficiency

      Wood, LC; Reefke, H; Breidbach, CF (Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), 2012)
      Various service supply chain strategies may provide firms with competitive advantage, providing appropriate pathways between different configurations are identified. Using a case study and a theory building process, we ...
    • Big Data and Happiness

      Rossouw, S; Greyling, T (Global Labor Organization, 2020)
      The pursuit of happiness. What does that mean? Perhaps a more prominent question to ask is, 'how does one know whether people have succeeded in their pursuit'? Survey data, thus far, has served us well in determining where ...
    • Binary choice probabilities on mixture sets

      Ryan, M (School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, 2014)
      Experimental evidence suggests that choice behaviour has a stochastic element. Much of this evidence is based on studying choices between lotteries – choice under risk. Binary choice probabilities admit a strong utility ...
    • Binary choice probabilities on mixture sets

      Ryan, M (The Centre for Mathematical Social Sciences (CMSS), the University of Auckland, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • Can India plug into Asian international production networks through RTAs?

      Sen, R; Srivastava, S; Badri Narayanan, G (Murdoch University, 2013)
      Recent literature has focused attention on the important question of whether the current trend of proliferation of bilateral and regional trade agreements can facilitate creation and development of international production ...
    • Co-integration and the demand for energy in Fiji

      Kumar, S (Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., 2011)
      This paper applies alternative time series techniques such as general to specific (GETS) and Johansen maximum likelihood (JML) to estimate the long-run income and price elasticities of demand for energy for Fiji. We also ...
    • Demand in New Zealand hospitals: expect the unexpected?

      Jiang, N; Pacheco, GA (New Zealand Association of Economists, 2013)
      The health care sector in New Zealand has undergone substantial structural reform since 1983, and stands out relative to other OECD countries, in that it has a relatively low per capita health expenditure, and a high share ...
    • Do You Know That I Know That You Know…? Higher-Order Beliefs in Survey Data

      Kumar, S; Coibion, O; Gorodnichenko, Y; Ryngaert, J (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2021)
      We implement a new survey of firms, focusing on their higher-order macroeconomic expectations. The survey provides a novel set of stylized facts regarding the relationship between first-order and higher-order expectations ...
    • Does Economic Integration Stimulate Capital Mobility? An Analysis of Four Regional Economic Communities in Africa

      Kumar, S; Sen, R; Srivastava, S (Elsevier, 2013)
      It is well known that high levels of regional integration enable portfolio risk diversification and capital mobility. While there have been a number of empirical attempts to verify the presence of capital mobility using ...
    • Does New Zealand Economics Have a Useful Past? The Example of Trade Policy and Economic Development

      Brooke, G; Endres, A; Rogers, A (Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Law, Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
      We examine the history of economic thought on trade policy in New Zealand from the 1920s to the early 1980s. The focus is upon the different doctrinal perspectives taken by academic economists in New Zealand. Throughout ...
    • Efficiency of New Zealand's District Health Boards at Providing Hospital Services: a Stochastic Frontier Analysis

      Jiang, N (Seoul National University, 2018)
      The majority of secondary and tertiary healthcare services in New Zealand are provided through public hospitals managed by 20 local District Health Boards (DHBs). Their performance were measured by a set of indicators ...
    • Estimating the cost of youth disengagement in Auckland

      Pacheco, GA; Dye, J (Dept. of Economics, AUT University, 2013)
      There has been growing interest in recent years in the labour market issues that youth face. Youth exclusion, disengagement, and overall underutilisation in the labour market has short term costs to the economy, as well ...
    • Explaining Ethnic Disparities in Bachelor’s Qualifications: Participation, Retention and Completion in New Zealand

      Meehan, L; Pacheco, G; Pushon, Z (New Zealand Productivity Commission, 2017)
      There are substantial ethnic gaps in higher education in NZ, despite more than a decade of considerable policy effort aimed at this concern. This study uses newly linked administrative data to examine the underachievement ...
    • Extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation: does major choice make a difference?

      Hedges, M; Pacheco, GA; Webber, D (New Zealand Association of Economists, 2013)
      Prior literature emphasises supply side issues concerning the modularisation of university programmes such as curricula issues and enhanced learning opportunities. Comparatively little is known about the demand side, such ...
    • Factor-analysis-based Directional Distance Function: The Case of New Zealand Hospitals

      Jiang, N; Deng, Z; Ruizhi, P (School of Economics. AUT University, 2019)
      This paper develops a new factor-analysis-based (FAB) approach for choosing the optimal direction in a directional distance function (DDF) analysis. It has the combined merits of factor analysis and slacks-based measure ...
    • Fast decoding algorithms for coded aperture systems

      Byard, K (Elsevier, 2014)
      Fast decoding algorithms are described for a number of established coded aperture systems. The fast decoding algorithms for all these systems offer significant reductions in the number of calculations required when ...
    • Firms' Asset Holdings and Inflation Expectations

      Kumar, S (Elsevier, 2018)
      This paper investigates the relationship between firms’ inflation expectations and their holdings of liquid assets. We implement a new quantitative survey of firms’ expectations about inflation in New Zealand. We find that ...
    • Firm’s Asset Holdings and Inflation Expectations

      Kumar, S (Elsevier, 2020)
      This paper investigates the relationship between firms’ inflation expectations and their holdings of liquid assets. We implement a new quantitative survey of firms’ expectations about inflation in New Zealand. We find that ...
    • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Lockdowns During Covid-19

      Rossouw, S; Greyling, T; Adhikari, T (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2021)
      Amidst the rapid global spread of Covid-19, many governments enforced country-wide lockdowns, with likely severe well-being consequences. In this regard, South Africa is an extreme case suffering from low levels of well-being, ...