• A literature review on the effects of living wage policies

      Maloney, TJ (Auckland Council, 2013)
      No abstract.
    • Estimating the cost of youth disengagement in Auckland

      Pacheco, GA; Dye, J (Dept. of Economics, AUT University, 2013)
      There has been growing interest in recent years in the labour market issues that youth face. Youth exclusion, disengagement, and overall underutilisation in the labour market has short term costs to the economy, as well ...
    • Can India plug into Asian international production networks through RTAs?

      Sen, R; Srivastava, S; Badri Narayanan, G (Murdoch University, 2013)
      Recent literature has focused attention on the important question of whether the current trend of proliferation of bilateral and regional trade agreements can facilitate creation and development of international production ...
    • A typology of service supply chain strategies - pathways between agility and efficiency

      Wood, LC; Reefke, H; Breidbach, CF (Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), 2012)
      Various service supply chain strategies may provide firms with competitive advantage, providing appropriate pathways between different configurations are identified. Using a case study and a theory building process, we ...
    • Quitting behaviour in good (and bad) work places

      Markey, R; Pacheco, GA; Ravenswood, K; Webber, DJ (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2011)
      This paper argues that the decision to quit is strongly influenced by employee perceptions of the quality of the work environment (QWE), and that ignoring QWE can lead to incorrect conclusions concerning the influence of ...
    • Co-integration and the demand for energy in Fiji

      Kumar, S (Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., 2011)
      This paper applies alternative time series techniques such as general to specific (GETS) and Johansen maximum likelihood (JML) to estimate the long-run income and price elasticities of demand for energy for Fiji. We also ...
    • Levers of job satisfaction: participative decision making and individual characteristics

      Pacheco, GA; webber, D (Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ), 2011)
      This paper demonstrates that the determinants of job satisfaction do not change if the worker has decision making freedom and that the impact of some individual characteristics on job satisfaction follow interesting patterns ...
    • Is the US demand for money unstable?

      Rao, BB; Kumar, S (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2011)
      The demand for money (M1) for the USA is estimated with annual data from 1960-2008 and its stability is analyzed with the extended Gregory and Hansen (1996b) test. In addition to estimating the canonical specification, ...