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    • Including Gaming Disorder in the ICD-11: The Need to Do so From a Clinical and Public Health Perspective

      Rumpf, H-J; Achab, S; Billieux, J; Bowden-Jones, H; Carragher, N; Demetrovics, Z; Higuchi, S; King, DL; Mann, K; Potenza, M; Saunders, JB; Abbott, M; Ambekar, A; Aricak, OT; Assanangkornchai, S; Bahar, N; Borges, G; Brand, M; Chan, EM-L; Chung, T; Derevensky, J; Kashef, AE; Farrell, M; Fineberg, NA; Gandin, C; Gentile, DA; Griffiths, MD; Goudriaan, AE; Grall-Bronnec, M; Hao, W; Hodgins, DC; Ip, P; Király, O; Lee, HK; Kuss, D; Lemmens, JS; Long, J; Lopez-Fernandez, O; Mihara, S; Petry, NM; Pontes, HM; Rahimi-Movaghar, A; Rehbein, F; Rehm, J; Scafato, E; Sharma, M; Spritzer, D; Stein, DJ; Tam, P; Weinstein, A; Wittchen, H-U; Wölfling, K; Zullino, D; Poznyak, V (Akadémiai Kiadó Zrt, 2018)
      The proposed introduction of gaming disorder (GD) in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) has led to a lively debate over the past year. ...