• Evaluation and Clinical Audit of Problem Gambling Intervention and Public Health Services

      Kolandai-Matchett, K; Landon, J; Bellringer, M; Garrett, N; Mundy-McPherson, S; Abbott, M; Haapu, B; Cumming, S (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
      No abstract.
    • Evaluation of Problem Gambling Intervention Services: Stage Three Final Report

      Bellringer, M; Coombes, R; Pulford, J; Garrett, N; Abbott, M (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2010)
      The Ministry of Health is responsible for the funding and coordination of problem gambling services and activities in New Zealand. This includes the funding of a national telephone helpline, two national face-to-face ...
    • Evaluation of Problem Gambling Intervention Services: Stages One and Two Final Report

      Bellringer, M; Coombes, R; Garrett, N; Nahi, P; Pulford, J; Abbott, M (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2009)
      Background The Ministry of Health is responsible for the funding and coordination of problem gambling services and activities in New Zealand. This includes the funding of a national telephone helpline, two national ...
    • Evaluation of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) in a Gambling Treatment Setting

      Bellringer, M; Kolandai-Matchett, K; Janicot, S; Michie, E; Garrett, N; Van Kessel, K; Abbott, M (Auckland University of Technology, Gambling and Addictions Research CentreGambling and Addictions Research Centre (GARC), Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for the Ministry of Health, 2019)
      No abstract.
    • Examining the Validity of the ActivPAL Monitor in Measuring Posture and Ambulatory Movement in Children

      Aminian, S; Hinckson, EA (BioMed Central Ltd., 2012)
      Decreasing sedentary activities that involve prolonged sitting may be an important strategy to reduce obesity and other physical and psychosocial health problems in children. The first step to understanding the effect of ...
    • Exploration of the Impact of Gambling and Problem Gambling on Pacific Families and Communities in New Zealand

      Bellringer, M; Fa'amatuainu, B; Taylor, S; Coombes, R; Poon, Z; Abbott, M (Gambling and Addictions Research Centre, AUT University, 2013)
      No abstract.
    • An Exploration of the Ways in Which Psychotherapists Describe Their Ongoing Development in Their Practice

      Thomas-Anttila, K (AUT University, 2013)
      No abstract available.
    • Exploring Health-related Quality of Life Determinants of New Zealand Sole Mothers

      Walker, J; Krägeloh, CU (Taylor and Francis Inc., 2016)
      International research has repeatedly linked sole motherhood to diminished levels of psychological and physical health. The purpose of the present study was to add to the limited amount of research on the health-related ...
    • Factors Associated With Preoperative Attrition in Bariatric Surgery: A Protocol for a Systematic Review 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1117 Public Health and Health Services

      Taylor, T; Dewes, O; Taufa, N; Wrapson, W; Siegert, R (BioMed Central, 2018)
      Background: Bariatric surgery results in substantial medical and economic benefits; however, independent studies typically report high patient preoperative attrition rates. Studies have identified individual characteristics ...
    • Family Violence Among Help-seeking Gamblers: The Effect of Having Dependent Children

      Bellringer, M; Pearson, J; Koziol-McLain, J; Abbott, M (Springer, 2017)
      This study investigated the effect of problem gambler gender on the relationship between the gambler having dependent children (younger than 18 years) living at home and the gambler perpetrating or being a victim of family ...
    • Finding a New Place to Stand: a Conversation with Colin Wrennall about Farming and Psychotherapy

      Wrennell, C; Tudor, KV (Tuwhera, AUT Library, 2017)
      This article is based on an interview of Colin Wrennall conducted by Keith Tudor. We first met as a result of Keith contacting Colin with regard to The Book of Evan, and got to know each other more through some further ...
    • Formative Investigation Into the Effectiveness of Gambling Venue Exclusion Processes in New Zealand

      Bellringer, M; Coombes, R; Pulford, J; Abbott, M (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2010)
      Exclusion of patrons from gambling venues is potentially an effective early intervention for minimising harm from excessive gambling since it may contribute to the treatment and/or recovery of people with developing and ...
    • Formative Investigation of the Links Between Gambling (Including Problem Gambling) and Crime in New Zealand

      Bellringer, M; Abbott, M; Coombes, R; Brown, R; McKenna, B; Dyall, L; Rossen, F (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2009)
      Crime (illegal behaviours) constitutes a continuum ranging from undetected, unreported, and unprosecuted crimes through to prosecuted, convicted and sentenced crimes; any of these may be associated with gambling/problem ...
    • Foucault, the Subject and the Research Interview: A Critique of Methods

      Fadyl, JK; Nicholls, DA (John Wiley & Sons, 2013)
      Research interviews are a widely used method in qualitative health research and have been adapted to suit a range of methodologies. Just as it is valuable that new approaches are explored, it is also important to continue ...
    • From Gorse to Ngahere: An Emerging Allegory for Decolonising the New Zealand Health System

      Came, H; Warbrick, I; McCreanor, T; Baker, M (New Zealand Medical Association, 2020)
      Prior to colonisation, Māori had a well-developed holistic health system based on maintaining balance between people, place and spirit. The colonial imposition of British economic, religious, educational, legal, health and ...
    • Gambling Behaviours and Associated Risk Factors for 17 Year Old Pacific Youth

      Bellringer, M; Prah, P; Iusitini, L; Abbott, M (Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
      Summary This study is a component of the Pacific Islands Families Study, which is a longitudinal cohort study of a birth cohort of 1,398 Pacific infants who were recruited into the study from a South Auckland hospital ...
    • Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parenting: A Review of Literature

      Mousa, M.; McAlonan, V.; Scherman, R (The New Zealand Psychological Society supported by the Psychology Department, the University of Auckland, 2013)
      No abstract.
    • Gender and Water in Northeast Thailand: Inequalities and Women's Realities

      Andajani, S; Chirawatkul, S; Saito, E (Bridgewater State University, MA, USA, 2015)
      The water world is socially constructed, reflecting continuous global gender inequalities and discrimination by those who hold dominant perspectives on water. While there is a strong global acknowledgement of the roles of ...
    • Global Age-sex-specific Fertility, Mortality, Healthy Life Expectancy (HALE), and Population Estimates in 204 Countries and Territories, 1950–2019: A Comprehensive Demographic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

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      No abstract.
    • Global and Regional Mortality From 235 Causes of Death for 20 Age Groups in 1990 and 2010: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010

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      Background Reliable and timely information on the leading causes of death in populations, and how these are changing, is a crucial input into health policy debates. In the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk ...