• Rationale and design of the myocardial microinjury and cardiac remodeling extension study in the sodium lowering in dialysate trial (Mac-SoLID study)

      Dunlop, JL; Vandal, A; de Zoysa, JR; Gabriel, RS; Gerber, LM; Haloob, IA; Hood, CJ; Irvine, JH; Matheson, PJ; McGregor, DOR; Rabindranath, KS; Schollum, JBW; Semple, DJ; Marshall, MR (BioMed Central Ltd, 2014)
      Background: The Sodium Lowering in Dialysate (SoLID) trial is an ongoing a multi-center, prospective, randomised, single-blind (assessor), controlled, parallel assignment clinical trial, enrolling 96 home and self-care ...
    • Rationale and design of the Sodium Lowering In Dialysate (SoLID) trial: A randomised controlled trial of low versus standard dialysate sodium concentration during hemodialysis for regression of left ventricular mass

      Dunlop, JL; Vandal, AC; deZoysa, JR; Gabriel, RS; Haloob, IA; Hood, CJ; Matheson, PJ; McGregor, DOR; Rabindranath, KS; Semple, DJ; Marshall, MR (BioMed Central Ltd, 2013)
      Background The current literature recognises that left ventricular hypertrophy makes a key contribution to the high rate of premature cardiovascular mortality in dialysis patients. Determining how we might intervene to ...
    • Re-Examining the ‘Culture of Silence’ Through Peer-Based Pasifika Pedagogies in a New Zealand Tertiary Environment

      Boon-Nanai, JM; Manuel, T; Lagolago, W; Lefono, T; Zaveri, V; Seleni, S; Ponton, V (Informa UK Limited, 2022)
      This paper draws on a study that examined the experiences of four high-achieving Pasifika physiotherapy degree level students to identify factors contributing to their success. As peer students, they identified five ...
    • Re-thinking Public Health Education in Aotearoa New Zealand: Factory Model to Personalized Learning

      Conn, C; Nayar, S; Williams, MH; Cammock, R (Frontiers Media SA, 2021)
      Key drivers of change in the 21st century—pandemic, technology advance, social disparity—are shaping the public health industry, including employment and education. In 2020, COVID-19 brought rapid change to the teaching ...
    • Realising the Rhetoric: Refreshing Public Health Providers' Efforts to Honour Te Tiriti O Waitangi

      Came, H; McCreanor, T; Doole, C; Simpson, T (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
      Objectives This paper investigates the ways two groupings of public health providers, public health units and non-governmental organisations meet their Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations in terms of service delivery to Māori. ...
    • Rebalancing Health and Social Care for Older People: Simulating Policy Options in an Ageing Society

      Lay-Yee, R; Pearson, J; Davis, P; Kerse, N (The Selwyn Foundation; The Hope Foundation, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • Reducing Ethnic and Geographic Inequities to Optimise New Zealand Stroke Care (REGIONS Care): Protocol for a Nationwide Observational Study

      Ranta, A; Thompson, S; Harwood, MLN; Cadilhac, DA-M; Barber, PA; Davis, AJ; Gommans, JH; Fink, JN; McNaughton, HK; Denison, H; Corbin, M; Feigin, V; Abernethy, V; Levack, W; Douwes, J; Girvan, J; Wilson, A (JMIR Publications Inc., 2021)
      Background Stroke systems of care differ between larger urban and smaller rural settings and it is unclear to what extent this may impact on patient outcomes. Ethnicity influences stroke risk factors and care delivery ...
    • Resorting to (un)secure(d) Aging

      Came, H; Humphries-Kila, Maria (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017)
      The commodification of later life by the retirement village industry opens a gated existence to a small portion of the globe’s elderly. Such villages are presented in media images as glamourous and fun-filled life-styles, ...
    • Risk Factors for Increased Online Gambling During COVID-19 Lockdowns in New Zealand: A Longitudinal Study

      Bellringer, M; Garrett, N (MDPI AG, 2021)
      Recent research investigating changes in gambling behaviors during periods of COVID-19 social restrictions, such as enforced lockdowns, are somewhat limited by methodology, being generally cross-sectional in nature and ...
    • Sex Differences in Stroke Incidence, Prevalence, Mortality and Disability-adjusted Life Years: Results From the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013

      Barker-Collo, S; Bennett, DA; Krishnamurthi, RV; Parmar, P; Feigin, VL; et al GBD 2013 Writing Group; and GBD 2013 Stroke Panel Experts Group (Karger, 2015)
      BACKGROUND:Accurate information on stroke burden in men and women are important for evidence-based healthcare planning and resource allocation. Previously, limited research suggested that the absolute number of deaths from ...
    • The Shame of Fat Shaming in Public Health: Moving Past Racism to Embrace Indigenous Solutions

      Warbrick, I; Came, H; Dickson, A (Elsevier, 2018)
      Indigenous peoples in developed nations are more likely to be overweight, obese, and disproportionately affected by the comorbidities and physical disorders associated with weight when compared with their counterparts. ...
    • Shifting Ground: Reflecting on a Journey of Bi-cultural Partnership

      Hall, A; Poutu-Morice, M (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP) Inc., and supported by the School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies, Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
      The return to Otautahi | Christchurch in 2015 provided an opportune moment for us to participate, observe, ponder, and reflect on the partnership agreement between Waka Oranga and the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists ...
    • Shifting Ground: Reflecting on a Journey of Bicultural Partnership

      Hall, A; Morice, M (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapist, 2015)
      The return to Otautahi | Christchurch in 2015 provided an opportune moment for us to participate, observe, ponder, and reflect on the partnership agreement between Waka Oranga and the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists ...
    • Simulation and Millennials - The Perfect Storm

      Erlam, GD; Smythe, Liz; Wright-St Clair, Valerie (Scientific research publishing, 2016)
      Simulation in its various forms has developed extensively over the past 15 - 20 years for use in undergraduate nursing programs. The widespread integration of technology-based educational tools into nursing curricula is ...
    • Sites of Institutional Racism in Public Health Policymaking in New Zealand

      Came, H (Elsevier, 2014)
      Although New Zealanders have historically prided ourselves on being a country where everyone has a ‘fair go’, the systemic and longstanding existence of health inequities between Māori and non-Māori suggests something isn’t ...
    • Social, Leisure and Everyday Activities That Occupy People Living in Advanced Age

      Wright St Clair, V; Kerse, N; Hayman, K; Dyall, L (AUT UniversityLeecareSolutions™ (www.leecare.com.au), 2010)
      •Aim of the Living to Advanced Age study •The purpose of this paper •Background to researching elders‟ social, leisure & everyday activities •The outcome measures used •The findings •What do they mean?
    • Spatial, Temporal, and Demographic Patterns in Prevalence of Chewing Tobacco Use in 204 Countries and Territories, 1990-2019: A Systematic Analysis From the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

      GBD 2019 Chewing Tobacco Collaborators (Elsevier, 2021)
      BACKGROUND: Chewing tobacco and other types of smokeless tobacco use have had less attention from the global health community than smoked tobacco use. However, the practice is popular in many parts of the world and has ...
    • Spatial, Temporal, and Demographic Patterns in Prevalence of Smoking Tobacco Use and Attributable Disease Burden in 204 Countries and Territories, 1990–2019: A Systematic Analysis From the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

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      Summary Background Ending the global tobacco epidemic is a defining challenge in global health. Timely and comprehensive estimates of the prevalence of smoking tobacco use and attributable disease burden are needed to ...
    • Spatial, Temporal, and Demographic Patterns in Prevalence of Smoking Tobacco Use and Initiation Among Young People in 204 Countries and Territories, 1990–2019

      Reitsma, MB; Flor, LS; Mullany, EC; Gupta, V; Hay, SI; Gakidou, E (Elsevier BV, 2021)
      Background Universally, smoking cessation rates among established smokers are poor. Preventing young people from starting use of and becoming addicted to tobacco products remains a key strategy to end the tobacco epidemic. ...
    • Strengthening Participation by Young Women Sex Workers in HIV Programs: Reflections on a Study From Bangkok, Thailand

      Conn, C; Modderman, K; Nayar, SS (Dove Medical Press, 2017)
      Background: Participation is an accepted means of increasing the effectiveness of public health programs, and as such, it is considered an important component of HIV interventions targeting at-risk youth. The situation of ...