• Collaborative Ecologies through Material Entanglements

      Smitheram, M; Joseph, F (Estonian Academy of Arts, 2019)
      This paper addresses aspects of collaboration and conceptual frameworks in practice that are central to our project, Phenomenal Dress. The research has been informed by material thinking, posthuman theory and New Zealand ...
    • Collaborative registers of interactive art

      Joseph, F (ISEA International, the Australian Network for Art & Technology and the University of Sydney, 2013)
      Research into collaborative modes of technology development is often discussed in terms of communication and co-ordination. The process of collaboration in interactive art projects warrants consideration beyond the management ...
    • Digital Materiality, Embodied Practices and Fashionable Interactions in the Design of Soft Wearable Technologies

      Joseph, F; Smitheram, M; Cleveland, D; Stephens, C; Fisher, H (Chinese Institute of Design, 2017)
      The emergent field of smart textiles is recognized as an interdisciplinary domain. While each discipline has contributed specific knowledge, an initial focus on technical development has led to an emphasis on function and ...
    • Fluid Materialities: Physical and Digital Modes of Textile Making

      Joseph, F; Smitheram, M; Kalyanji, J (Plymouth College of Art, 2016)
      New processes of textile making that involve both physical and digital dimensions, and the conceptual implications of these new materialities, are the focus of the research discussed in this paper. Through a consideration ...
    • Making With: Hybrid Practices in the Development of New Forms of Intra-active Dress

      Joseph, F; Smitheram, M (Aalto University, 2018)
      The project Phenomenal Dress explores a posthuman notion of dress as particular, dynamic surface and form that enfolds with different situations through physical and metaphysical forces. The project draws on perspectives ...
    • Redressing Perspectives: Mediation, Embodiment and Materiality in Digital Fashion and Textiles

      Joseph, F (Amsterdam University Press, 2017)
      Digital technologies have not only introduced different ways of designing and producing textiles and garments and changed their systems of distribution, they have led to new fields of practice and inquiry including digital ...
    • A Review of E-textiles in Neurological Rehabilitation: How Close Are We?

      McLaren, R; Joseph, F; Baguley, C; Taylor, D (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Textiles able to perform electronic functions are known as e-textiles, and are poised to revolutionise the manner in which rehabilitation and assistive technology is provided. With numerous reports in mainstream media of ...
    • Textile and Design Lab case studies

      Joseph, F; Heslop, P (Textile & Design Lab, AUT University, 2012)
      This presentation at the TDLs 2012'Innovations in Printed Textiles Symposium' discussed innovative textile print on merino applications developed at the TDL between 2010 and 2012.