• Warkworth 12-m VLBI Station: WARK12M

      Gulyaev, S; Natusch, T; Weston, S; Collett, D; Palmer, N (AUT University; NASA Technical Publication, 2011)
      This report summarizes the geodetic VLBI activities in New Zealand in 2010. It provides geographical and technical details of WARK12M - the new IVS network station operated by the Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space ...
    • Warranty Cost Analysis with an Alternating Geometric Process

      Arnold, R; Chukova, S; Hayakawa, Y; Marshall, S (arXiv, 2018)
      In this study we model the warranty claims process and evaluate the warranty servicing costs under non-renewing and renewing free repair warranties. We assume that the repair time for rectifying the claims is non-zero and ...
    • Wavelet Transform Smoothing Filters for Metal Oxide Gas Sensor Signal Cleaning

      Bassey, E; Whalley, J; Sallis, P; Prasad, K (Elsevier, 2014)
      This paper reports on a series of experiments to evaluate the methods for feature extraction and denoising the digital signal from thin film zinc oxide-tin dioxide composite gas sensor devices. The aim was to find a method ...
    • Weak continuity properties of topologized groups

      Cao, J (AUT University, 2008)
      A topologized group is simply a group (G, ·) equipped with a topology t. The question as to when a topologized group (G, ·, t) is a topological group has been studied by many authors in the literature. In the recent work ...
    • A Wearable Haptic Game Controller

      Foottit, J; Brown, D; Marks, S; Connor, AM (AIRCC Publishing Corporation, 2016)
      This paper outlines the development of a wearable game controller incorporating vibrotacticle haptic feedback that provides a low cost, versatile and intuitive interface for controlling digital games. The device differs ...
    • Web structure mining of dynamic pages

      Naeem, MA (Faculty of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences, Quetta, 2006)
      Web structure mining in static web contents decreases the accuracy of mined outcomes and affects the quality of decision making activity. By structure mining in web hidden data, the accuracy ratio of mined outcomes can be ...
    • Web-based vital signs monitoring and early warning/ detection system for hospitalised older adult patients

      Baig, MM; GholamHosseini, H; Connolly, MJ; Sabouri, P (Health Informatics New Zealand (HINZ), 2013)
      Advanced engineering and information technology combined with medical and clinical knowledge enable evolutionary solutions for remote, wireless and continuous monitoring of vital signs. Such approach facilitates implementation ...
    • WebLan-designer (V3) Over the Past Six Years: Motivation, Benefits, Evaluation and Reflection

      Sarkar, NI; Petrova, K (Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE), 2020)
      The educational tool considered in this paper (WebLan-Designer) has four network modules, including wired local area networks (LANs), wireless LANs, transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), and data ...
    • What Has Social Neuroscience Learned From Hyperscanning Studies of Spoken Communication? A Systematic Review

      Kelsen, BA; Sumich, A; Kasabov, N; Liang, SHY; Wang, GY (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      A growing body of literature examining the neurocognitive processes of interpersonal linguistic interaction indicates the emergence of neural alignment as participants engage in oral communication. However, questions have ...
    • What is a mode? Smell, olfactory perception, and the notion of mode in multimodal mediated theory

      Norris, S (Multimodal Research Centre, School of Communication Studies, AUT University, 2013)
      Moving towards multimodal mediated theory, I propose to define a mode as a system of mediated action that comes about through concrete lower-level actions that social actors take in the world. In order to explain exactly ...
    • What is the new paradigm in product quality?

      Robotham, A; Guldbrandsen, M (Department of Control and Engineering Design, Technical University of Denmark, 2000)
      The current product quality paradigm is founded upon a customer-focused product development process, in which the functionality and behaviour of a product are designed to fulfil the needs of customers, and technological ...
    • What kind of country we want for our children: An analysis of media coverage of the 2017 New Zealand General Election

      Mills, K; Berti, C; Rupar, V (Taylor and Francis, 2018)
      This article is the third in a series investigating media reporting of New Zealand elections. Based on content analysis of 510 articles published in the New Zealand Herald, and thematic analysis of a subset of news stories ...
    • What remains: design ethic's excess

      Jackson, M (AUT University, 2009)
      No abstract
    • What's Driving Uber? Values in Computing and the 'Sharing Economy'

      Clear, T (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2017)
      An abstract is not available.
    • What's in a Programme?

      Cusack, B; Petrova, K (Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (CITRENZ), 2011)
      Teaching and research in information technology (IT) is always a reflection of the ever changing landscape of change and continuous innovation. IT programmes also show how content evolves over time, and the emphasis shifts. ...
    • When is a Volettera space Baire?

      Cao, J; Junnila, HJK (University of Patras, 2006)
      In this talk, we study the problem when a Volterra space is Baire. It is shown that every stratifiable Volterra space is Baire. This answers affirmatively a question of Gruenhage and Lutzer in 2000. Further, it is established ...
    • Who cares? Creative research practice in the space of the university

      O'Connor, MT (College of Creative Arts, Massey University, 2011)
      This research seminar aims to disclose how creative practice through writing, filmmaking and considerations of spatial design (particularly housed within the ruling symbolic of the University) can open onto something ...
    • Why Nasal Airways Experience Drying During Nasal-applied Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy

      White, DE; Bartley, J; Nates, R (Wiley, 2017)
      Introduction Since its introduction over thirty years ago, users of nasal‐applied continuous positive air pressure (n‐CPAP) therapy have commonly reported symptoms associated with airway drying. Here the normally robust ...
    • Why the Kemeny Time is a constant

      Hunter, J (De Gruyter Open, 2016)
      We present a new fundamental intuition for why the Kemeny feature of a Markov chain is a constant. This new perspective has interesting further implications.