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    • Take me away ... In search of original dwelling

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Wikiteria, K.-A. (Enigma, 2010)
      No abstract.
    • Talking Backwards in a Land without Shadows

      Jowsey, S (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 2018)
      In 1837 I arrived here, inside the belly of a dream. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge , had not yet charted its likeness. I am speaking backwards here, where ‘...the body separates itself from thought, … ...
    • Tanah Papua, Asia-Pacific News Blind Spots and Citizen Media: From the ‘Act of Free Choice’ Betrayal to a Social Media Revolution

      Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
      For five decades Tanah Papua, or the West Papua half of the island of New Guinea on the intersection of Asia and the Pacific, has been a critical issue for the region with a majority of the Melanesian population supporting ...
    • The TANAMI Multiwavelength Program: Dynamic SEDs of Southern Blazars

      Krauß, F; Wilms, J; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trüstedt, J; Edwards, PG; Stevens, J; Ros, E; Baumgartner, W; Beuchert, T; Blanchard, J; Buson, S; Carpenter, B; Dauser, T; Falkner, S; Gehrels, N; Gräfe, C; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Kreikenbohm, A; Kreykenbohm, I; Langejahn, M; Leiter, K; Lovell, JEJ; Müller, C; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Pursimo, T; Phillips, C; Plötz, C; Quick, J; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      Context. Simultaneous broadband spectral and temporal studies of blazars are an important tool for investigating active galactic nuclei (AGN) jet physics. Aims. We study the spectral evolution between quiescent and flaring ...
    • TANAMI: Tracking Active Galactic Nuclei with Austral Milliarcsecond Interferometry - II. Additional Sources

      Muller, C; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trustedt, J; Edwards, PG; Ros, E; Carpenter, B; Angioni, R; Blanchard, J; Bock, M; Burd, PR; Dorr, M; Dutka, MS; Eberl, T; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Katz, U; Krauss, F; Lovell, JEJ; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Phillips, C; Plotz, C; Pursimo, T; Quick, JFH; Stevens, J; Thompson, DJ; Tingay, SJ; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S; Wilms, J; Zensus, JA (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Context. TANAMI is a multiwavelength program monitoring active galactic nuclei (AGN) south of −30◦ declination including highresolution Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) imaging, radio, optical/UV, X-ray and γ-ray ...
    • TEAC research funding proposals considered harmful: ICT research at risk

      Clear, Tony (NACCQ, 2003)
      As Information Technology (IT) educators, whether career academics or former practitioners, it seems exceedingly rare to find environments in which IT is understood, appropriately managed or nurtured. To expect enlightened ...
    • Teaching computer hardware and organization using PIC-based projects

      Sarkar, NI; Craig, TM (Manchester University Press, 2006)
      Until recently, it has been difficult to motivate students to learn about computer hardware because students find the subject rather dry and theoretical. We have prepared a series of interesting projects that give students ...
    • Teaching computer networking fundamentals using practical laboratory exercises

      Sarkar, NI (IEEE, 2006)
      Motivating students to learn computer networking concepts is often difficult because many students find the subject rather technical, dry, and boring. To overcome this problem, the author has prepared some practical laboratory ...
    • Teaching differently: a hybrid delivery model

      Petrova, K. (GBATA, 2001)
      A variety of frameworks for distant, online and flexible learning have been proposed. This paper looks into the defining features of some of these models and describes the hybrid model of flexible delivery. The hybrid model ...
    • Teaching Visual Storytelling for Virtual Production Pipelines Incorporating Motion Capture and Visual Effects

      Kruse, J; Bennett, G (ACM Digital Library, 2015)
      Film, television and media production are subject to consistent change due to ever-evolving technological and economic environments. Accordingly, tertiary teaching of subject areas such as cinema, animation and visual ...
    • Teaching wireless communication and networking fundamentals using Wi-Fi projects

      Sarkar, NI; Craig, TM (IEEE, 2006)
      Wireless communication and networking often proves to be a quite challenging subject to teach in a meaningful way, because many students appear to find the subject rather dry and technical, and thus quite boring. The authors ...
    • Tearing and restoring the moral fabric of society in Asian romance movies

      Rahman, KA (The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), 2013)
      This work identifies socio-cultural themes that are represented in 3 distinct groups of Asian romance movies – Hindi, Thai and Malay. The discussion highlights cultural issues raised, previously considered taboo in Asian ...
    • Technical Debt and Agile Software Development Practices and Processes: An Industry Practitioner Survey

      Holvitie, J; Licorish, SA; Spínola, RO; Hyrynsalmi, S; MacDonell, S; Mendes, TS; Buchan, J; Leppänen, V (Elsevier, 2017)
      Context: Contemporary software development is typically conducted in dynamic, resource-scarce environments that are prone to the accumulation of technical debt. While this general phenomenon is acknowledged, what remains ...
    • Technologies for engineering education

      Maclaren, P; Singamemmi, S; Wilson, DI (AUT University, 2012)
      Within any discipline, teaching involves a distinctive relationship between content, pedagogical approaches and the use of technologies. In engineering education, the content includes mathematical symbolic and diagrammatic ...
    • Technologies of research and teaching in the Pacific

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Fitchett, D (BaoHouse and Rensselaer, 2010)
      This paper engages in a series of questions arising from the potentials and pitfalls of using digital technologies in teaching and research in Pacific communities. As will become clear, we were unable to answer these ...
    • Temporary Internet Access for Authentication and Key Agreement for LTE Networks

      Li, XJ; Ma, M; Xie, J (Springer, 2018)
      Evolved Packet System-Authentication and Key Agreement (EPS-AKA) is the security protocol in Long-Term Evolution (LTE). However, it is still vulnerable to user identity attacks and fake eNBs. Efficient EPS-AKA (EEPS-AKA) ...
    • Testimony to a paradise exposed [Book review]

      Robie, D (School of Social and Economic Development, University of the South Pacific, 2011)
      Twenty-one years ago, I wrote a book about indigenous independence and nationalist struggles in the South Pacific. The British publishers wanted a “paradise lost” cover of a beach fringed with coconut palms. It was the ...
    • Text classification for medical informatics: a comparison of models for data mining radiological medical records

      Claster, WB; Shanmuganathan, S; Ghotbi, N; Sallis, PJ (International Association for Asia Pacific Studies, 2011)
      In this study we analyze 1024 free text digital records from pediatric patients who underwent CT scanning. The free text reports are from the digital records of patients who underwent CT scanning in a one-year period in ...
    • Textbooks: changing materiality, changing meaning

      Mules, PA (Common Ground Publishing, 2011)
      In a print-based society the physical characteristics of books not only controlled how knowledge was accessed, stored and disseminated, but also exerted a powerful unconscious influence over our perceptions about the status ...
    • Textile and Design Lab case studies

      Joseph, F; Heslop, P (Textile & Design Lab, AUT University, 2012)
      This presentation at the TDLs 2012'Innovations in Printed Textiles Symposium' discussed innovative textile print on merino applications developed at the TDL between 2010 and 2012.