• Pacific freedom of the press: case studies in independent campus-based media models

      Robie, D (University of Queensland, 2010)
      South Pacific university-based journalism school publications were innovative newspaper publishers from 1975 onwards and among early pioneers of online publishing in the mid-1990s. Several publications have become established ...
    • Pacific media freedom 2011: a status report

      Perrottet, A; Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, Auckland University of Technology, 2011)
      Pacific media freedom has been under siege for more than a decade, particularly since an attempted coup in Fiji in May 2000, when a television station was attacked and ransacked, a foreign journalist was shot and wounded ...
    • Pacific solutions

      Robie, D (AUT University, 2005)
      Media students in the South Pacific are being taught how to respond to physical threats and attempts at bribery, as well as journalism, says David Robie.
    • Pan-Asian identity in a globalizing world

      Benson, JS; Rahman, KA (Common Ground Publisher, 2007)
      For many East and South East Asian youth, global citizenship is an increasing reality. This raises new research questions of the process of acculturation and ethnic identity. East and South East Asian immigrants and student ...
    • Panelbeating. Automotive landscape. Competition entry for Auckland Architecture Association Cavalier Bremworth awards '07

      Douglas, C; Douglas, L (AUT University, 2007)
      Carparks are not to be thought of as simply service-spaces. Large carparks typically have distant corners which are rarely used for parking. These spaces take on another life, serving a range of complex functions: kicking ...
    • Para-Whenua-Mea – Muddy-Soil-of-Mother-Earth

      Robertson, N (LIBRUM Publishers & Editors LLC | Basel | Frankfurt am Main, 2019)
      No abstract.
    • Paradigm Shift: report on the new role of design in business and society

      Muratovski, G (Elsevier / Tongji University Press, 2015)
      As leading businesses and global organizations started gaining new understanding of the value of design, their internal culture and attitude towards design began to change. Financial companies and management consultancies ...
    • Paradoxes and counterexamples in teaching and learning of probability at university

      Klymchuk, S; Kachapova, F (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
      This article is devoted to practical aspects of teaching and learning of probability at university. It presents the difficulties and attitudes of first-year university science and engineering students towards using paradoxes ...
    • Parametric Electrical Modelling of Human Forearm Simulation Response Using Multi-frequency Electrical Bioimpedance

      Anand, G; Lowe, A; Al-Jumaily, AM (OMICS International, 2016)
      This work presents a parametric electrical modelling of the electrical response of human forearm tissues through a simulation of Multi-frequency Electrical Bioimpedance analysis (MF-EBIA). The objective is to estimate an ...
    • Parametric Loop Division for 3D Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

      Ahmad, T; Li, XJ; Seet, B-C (MDPI AG, 2017)
      Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has been an active topic for more than two decades. A variety of algorithms were proposed to improve the localization accuracy. However, they are either limited to two-dimensional ...
    • PBRF 2012 and the nature of degree teaching

      Clear, Tony; Clear, AL (Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (CITRENZ), 2012)
      For the Performance Based Research Funding Exercise of 2012, two principles for eligibility were enunciated by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission, whereby those submitted were firstly expected to contribute to ...
    • PBRF 2012 outcomes: a CITRENZ perspective

      Clear, A; Clear, Tony (Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (CITRENZ), 2013)
      For computing educators in the CITRENZ sector, the 2012 Performance Based Research Assessment took place in a setting that had changed considerably from that which applied for the 2006 round. CITRENZ is a new organization ...
    • Percentage problems in bridging courses

      Kachapova, F; Kachapov, I (Taylor and Francis, 2012)
      Research on teaching high school mathematics shows that the topic of percentages often causes learning difficulties. This article describes a method of teaching percentages that the authors used in university bridging ...
    • Perennially homeless: deconstruction—a disciplined non-belonging

      O'Connor, M (AUT University, 2008)
      In the context of the academy today, what is it to say that we belong in a perennial condition of translation? That is, a translation process across, and of course internal to, the borders of [its] disciplinary borders? ...
    • Performance analysis of cooperative Virtual MIMO Systems for wireless sensor networks

      Rafique, Z; Seet, B-C; Al-Anbuky, A (MDPI, 2013)
      Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) techniques can be used to increase the data rate for a given bit error rate (BER) and transmission power. Due to the small form factor, energy and processing constraints of wireless sensor ...
    • Performance of a building integrated collector for solar heating and radiant cooling

      Anderson, TN; Duke, M; Carson, JK (Australian Solar Energy Society Ltd, 2011)
      Due to their limited temperature range, unglazed solar collectors have long been relegated to providing low cost heating in applications such as swimming pool heating systems. This limited temperature range is due to heat ...
    • Performance of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal Concentrator for Facade Applications

      Piratheepan, M; Anderson, TN (Elsevier, 2017)
      The use of building integrated photovoltaic/thermal (BIPVT) concentrators is an effective way to harness solar energy within the built environment, particularly for façade applications. However, in order to precisely predict ...
    • Performance of a Cooling System Driven by Engine Exhaust Heat

      Yousuf, N; Anderson, T; Gschwendtner, M; Nates, R (International Institute of Refrigeration, 2016)
      The use of stationary generators for electricity generation is widespread in areas where access to power distribution networks is limited, including rural areas and in developing countries. Often, a significant portion of ...
    • Performance of a V-trough photovoltaic/thermal concentrator

      Künnemeyer, R; Anderson, TN; Duke, M; Carson, JK (Elsevier, 2014)
      The idea of concentrating solar energy to increase the output of photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors is an area that has received significant attention. In this study, a design model for a V-trough concentrating ...
    • Performance of an unglazed solar collector for radiant cooling

      Anderson, TN; Duke, M; Carson, JK (The University of Melbourne, 2013)
      Under night conditions, when there is no solar radiation and the sky temperature is low, unglazed solar collectors can radiate heat to the sky thus cooling a storage tank to provide cooling the following day. This study ...