• Representing Markov chains with transition diagrams

      Kachapova, F (Science Publications, 2013)
      Stochastic processes have many useful applications and are taught in several university programmes. Students often encounter difficulties in learning stochastic processes and Markov chains, in particular. In this article ...
    • Research in global software engineering: a systematic snapshot

      Raza, B; MacDonell, SG; Clear, Tony (Springer, 2013)
      This paper reports our extended analysis of the recent literature addressing global software engineering (GSE), using a new Systematic Snapshot Mapping (SSM) technique. The primary purpose of this work is to understand ...
    • Research on various welding methods on aerospace titanium alloys: collaboration between Akita University and AUT University

      Pasang, T; Tao, Y; Miyano, Y; Kamiya, O (The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan, 2014)
      In the past two decades or so, titanium and its alloys have found a significant increase in the aerospace applications. One of the reasons is associated with the introduction of various new titanium alloys. Ti-5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr ...
    • Research paradigms and the nature of meaning and truth

      Clear, Tony (ACM, 2001)
      Computer science educators commonly have a strong background in mathematics, the physical sciences, and the use of quantitative methods. This very education process, the perspective of computer science as a scientific ...
    • Residential Household Electrical Appliance Management Using Model Predictive Control of a Grid Connected Photovoltaic-Battery System

      Ahmad, A; Anderson, T; Swain, AK; Lie, TT; Currie, J (Australian PV Institute, 2016)
      Grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) based power generation technology is being pushed to the forefront as a viable alternative source of renewable energy, particularly in small-scale domestic applications. Due to the variable ...
    • Resistance gene expression determines the in vitro chemosensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

      Glaysher, S; Yiannakis, D; Gabriel, FG; Johnson, P; Polak, ME; Knight, LA; Goldthorpe, Z; Peregrin, K; Gyi, M; Modi, P; Rahamim, J; Smith, ME; Amer, K; Addis, B; Poole, M; Narayanan, A; Gulliford, TJ; Andreotti, PE; Cree, IA (BioMed Central, 2009)
      Background NSCLC exhibits considerable heterogeneity in its sensitivity to chemotherapy and similar heterogeneity is noted in vitro in a variety of model systems. This study has tested the hypothesis that the molecular ...
    • Resource Management for Business Process Scheduling in the Presence of Availability Constraints

      Xu, J; Liu, C; Zhao, X; Yongchareon, S; Ding, Z (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016)
      In the context of business process management, the resources required by business processes, such as workshop staff, manufacturing machines, etc., tend to follow certain availability patterns, due to maintenance cycles, ...
    • Resources for instructors of capstone courses in computing

      Clear, Tony; Young, F.; Goldweber, M.; Leidig, P.; Scott, K. (ACM, 2001)
      Most computing programs now have some form of integrative or capstone course in which students undertake a significant project under supervision. There are many different models for such courses and conducting these courses ...
    • Responsiveness and Agility in Collaborative Networks

      Chowdhury, K; Gutierrez, J; Petrova, K (Association for Information Systems (AIS), 2018)
      This paper investigates the responsiveness of technology and network governance in the case of collaborative networks comprising multiple organizations and identifies factors affecting the structure and the sustainability ...
    • Restless containers: thinking interior space – across cultures

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr. (Enigma: He Aupiki, 2011)
      In Innenraum denken (Thinking Interior Space), a section in the first volume of his Spheres trilogy (1998, 1999b, 2004), German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk describes human relations as being akin to containers that ...
    • Results from the Regional AUSTRAL VLBI Sessions for Southern Hemisphere Reference Frames

      plank, L; Lovell, J; Bohm, J; Mayer, D; McCullum, J; Rastorgueva-Fio, E; Shabala, S; Sun, J; Titov, O; Weston, S; Quick, J (The University of Luxembourg, 2014)
      Since late 2011, more than 40 dedicated AUSTRAL VLBI sessions have been undertaken with the aim to strengthen the terrestrial and celestial reference frame in the southern hemisphere. In this program, the three 12-m antennas ...
    • A Review of E-textiles in Neurological Rehabilitation: How Close Are We?

      McLaren, R; Joseph, F; Baguley, C; Taylor, D (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Textiles able to perform electronic functions are known as e-textiles, and are poised to revolutionise the manner in which rehabilitation and assistive technology is provided. With numerous reports in mainstream media of ...
    • Review of methods for mitigating payment risks in construction: the case of New Zealand

      Ramachandra, T; Rotimi, J.O.B. (Building Economics and Management Research Unit (BEMRU), Department of Building Economics, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 2010)
      Traditional payment methods in the construction industry create risk of payment delays and losses. The issue has been persistent since the early 1960’s, with constructions parties suffering dire consequences. Many legislative ...
    • A review of New Zealand Telecommunications: Legislation, Regulations, and Recommendations

      Gul, S; Sarkar, NI; Gutierrez, J (Telecommunications Association Inc., 2016)
      The telecommunications industry is growing and changing at a very high pace. To keep up with this high pace and fast changing technologies countries need strong legislation and an efficient regulatory system to promote ...
    • Review: A Crusade for Media Truth and Justice

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      The First Casualty: From the Front Lines of the Global War on Journalism, by Peter Greste. Sydney: Viking. 2017. 335 pages. ISBN 9780670079261. PETER GRESTE, the Australian journalist who became a thorn in the side of the ...
    • Review: Charlie Hebdo and the free speech conflict

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      After Charlie Hebdo: Terror, Racism and Free Speech, edited by Gavan Titley, Des Freedman, Gholam Khiabany and Aurélien Mondon. London: Zed Books. 2017. 313 pages. ISBN 9781783609383 IN OCTOBER 2016, I returned to that ...
    • Review: Coups, globalisation and Fiji’s reset ‘democracy’ paradigm

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      The General’s Goose: Fiji’s Tale of Contemporary Misadventure, by Robbie Robertson. Canberra: Australian National University. 2017. 366 pages. ISBN 9781760461 When Commodore (now rear admiral retired and an elected prime ...
    • Review: Indonesian Repression and Betrayal in West Papua

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      Papua Blood: A Photographer’s Eyewitness Account of West Papua Over 30 Years, by Peter Bang. Copenhagen, Denmark: Remote Frontlines, 2018. 248 pages. ISBN 978-87-430-0101-0 See No Evil: New Zealand’s Betrayal of the People ...
    • Revisiting French terrorism in the Pacific: Rainbow Warrior revelations

      Robie, D (Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM), 2006)
      No abstract.
    • Revolutions per minute

      Cullen, P (EyeContact, 2010)
      Six sculptures forming a part of my ongoing r/p/m project. With the exception of one work none had previously been exhibited. Chartwell collection purchased two of the sculptures from this exhibition.