• Persistent Asymmetric Structure of Sagittarius A* on Event Horizon Scales

      Fish, VL; Johnson, MD; Doeleman, SS; Broderick, AE; Psaltis, D; Lu, R-S; Akiyama, K; Alef, W; Algaba, JC; Asada, K; Beaudoin, C; Bertarini, A; Blackburn, L; Blundell, R; Bower, GC; Brinkerink, C; Cappallo, R; Chael, AA; Chamberlin, R; Chan, C-K; Crew, GB; Dexter, J; Dexter, M; Dzib, SA; Falcke, H; Freund, R; Friberg, P; Greer, CH; Gurwell, MA; Ho, PTP; Honma, M; Inoue, M; Johannsen, T; Kim, J; Krichbaum, TP; Lamb, J; León-Tavares, J; Loeb, A; Loinard, L; MacMahon, D; Marrone, DP; Moran, JM; Mościbrodzka, M; Ortiz-León, GN; Oyama, T; Özel, F; Plambeck, RL; Pradel, N; Primiani, RA; Rogers, AEE; Rosenfeld, K; Rottmann, H; Roy, AL; Ruszczyk, C; Smythe, DL; SooHoo, J; Spilker, J; Stone, J; Strittmatter, P; Tilanus, RPJ; Titus, M; Vertatschitsch, L; Wagner, J; Wardle, JFC; Weintroub, J; Woody, D; Wright, M; Yamaguchi, P; Young, A; Young, KH; Zensus, JA; Ziurys, LM (IOP Publishing, 2016)
      The Galactic Center black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) is a prime observing target for the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which can resolve the 1.3 mm emission from this source on angular scales comparable to that of the ...
    • Personalised information modelling technologies for personalised medicine

      Hu, Y; Kasabov, N; Liang, W (Springer, 2014)
      Personalised modelling offers a new and effective approach for the study in pattern recognition and knowledge discovery, especially for biomedical applications. The created models are more useful and informative for analysing ...
    • Personalised modelling for multiple time-series data prediction

      Widiputra, H; Pears, R; Kasabov, N (Springer-Verlag, 2008)
      The behaviour of multiple stock markets can be described within the framework of complex dynamic systems (CDS). Using a global model with the Kalman Filter we are able to extract the dynamic interaction network (DIN) of ...
    • A Personalised Stereoscopic 3D Gallery with Virtual Reality Technology on Smartphone

      Tran, H; Nguyen, M; Le, H; Yan, W-Q (IEEE, 2017)
      Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular thanks to the recent advance of smartphones and low-cost VR headsets. In this article; we propose an online system that creates a stereoscopic 3D gallery for individual ...
    • Pictorial AR Tag With Hidden Multi-level Bar-code and Its Potential Applications

      Le, H; Nguyen, M; Tran, H; Yeap, W (MDPI, 2017)
      For decades, researchers have been trying to create intuitive virtual environments by blending reality and virtual reality, thus enabling general users to interact with the digital domain as easily as with the real world. ...
    • Pier 21 (interior design proposal)

      Young, E (Young and Richards, 2007)
      No abstract
    • Pilot study into the causes of airway drying during continuous positive air pressure breathing

      White, DE; Nates, RJ; Bartley, J (Curran Associates, Inc. (Jan 2015), 2014)
      The airway surface liquid (ASL) lining the upper respiratory tract has an essential role in heat and moisture exchange, as well as having an important role in airway defense. Continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) users ...
    • Pixel clustering in spatial data mining; an example study with Kumeu wine region in New Zealand

      Shanmuganathan, S (The Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand Inc (MODSIM), 2013)
      This paper describes an approach to pixel clustering using self-organising map (SOM) techniques in order to identify environmental factors that influence grape quality. The study area is the Kumeu grape wine region of ...
    • Plan/Ditch: Topographic Inscription in an Early Colonial Capital

      Douglas, A (Interstices/Enigma: He Aupiki, 2015)
      Building on a distinction made by Anne Querrien in “The Metropolis and the Capital” (1986) between “two different ethical principles” and “two different modes of human distribution” associated with urban place, this paper ...
    • Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment (PRIDE) Technique: A Test Case of the Mars Express Phobos Fly-by

      Gulyaev, S; Natusch, T; Weston, S (ESO, 2016)
      Context. The closest ever fly-by of the Martian moon Phobos, performed by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft, gives a unique opportunity to sharpen and test the Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler ...
    • Planning for system innovation in product development teams of manufacturing companies: criteria development for a scenario method

      Gaziulusoy, I; Boyle, C; McDowall, R (New Zealand Society for Sustainability Engineering Science, 2008)
      Due to the complexity embedded in the socio-technical system and associated long planning periods, system innovation has become a research topic to remain mainly in the science and technology policies area and not much ...
    • A Platform for Analysing Advanced Photovoltaic Energy Controllers

      Ahmad, A; Anderson, TN; Lie, TT (Australian PV Institute (APVI), 2015)
      Photovoltaic (PV) based power generation technology is being pushed to the forefront as a viable alternative source of renewable energy, particularly in small scale domestic applications. In addition, there is a growing ...
    • Pool Complex, in making worlds

      Cullen, P (Auckland Art Gallery, 2007)
      Pool complex was made in 1994-1995 and was never exhibited before going into the collection of the Auckland Art Gallery. In common with many works I've made since the early 1990's it employed found furniture and dexion.
    • Pool Complex, in Making Worlds.

      Cullen, P (AUT University, 2007)
      Pool complex was made in 1994-1995 and was never exhibited before going into the collection of the Auckland Art Gallery. In common with many works I've made since the early 1990's it employed found furniture and dexion.
    • Pop, Power and Politics: Kiwi FM and the ‘Third Way’ in New Zealand

      Mollgaard, M (MEDIANZ, 2016)
      In 2005 a major multi-national media company launched a New Zealand radio network that played only New Zealand music—Kiwi FM. Within a year it was clear that the experiment had failed, with the ...
    • Porous ceramic filters through 3d printing

      Withell, AJ; Diegel, O; Grupp, I; Reay, S (Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, 2011)
      This paper describes current and on-going work in adapting Z-Corp 3D printers to operate with low-cost ceramic materials. The components produced with these clay-based ceramic powders can be fired to produce strong, complex ...
    • Possibles and probables: playing with Carlaw Park scoreboard signs

      Valentine, J (The National Grid, 2006)
      No abstract
    • Post screen not displayed

      Charlton, J (Edicao, 2014)
      It seems that we are always waiting for screens. But what are we really waiting for? Treating the screen as an object of sculptural concern, this paper attempts to understand how inherent event-relationships might escape ...
    • Potential Kick Velocity Distribution of Black Hole X-ray Binaries and Implications for Natal Kicks

      Atri, P; Miller-Jones, JCA; Bahramian, A; Plotkin, RM; Jonker, PG; Nelemans, G; Maccarone, TJ; Sivakoff, GR; Deller, AT; Chaty, S; Torres, MAP; Horiuchi, S; McCallum, J; Natusch, T; Phillips, CJ; Stevens, J; Weston, S
      We use Very Long Baseline Interferometry to measure the proper motions of three black hole X-ray binaries (BHXBs). Using these results together with data from the literature and Gaia-DR2 to collate the best available ...
    • Power & persuasion: constructing identity in religious communications

      Nairn, AM; Nelson, FM; Johnson, RJK (The Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA), 2015)
      According to Geertz (2002, p. 19), religion is “a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive and long lasting moods and motivations” and provides adherents with a means for understanding the world. The ...