• A cost-effective EV charging method designed for residential homes with renewable energy

      Liang, X; Lie, TT; Haque, M (IEEE, 2014)
      This paper presents a smart and cost effective EV (Electric Vehicle) charging methodology for residential dwellings which have renewable energy sources. The proposed method has many benefits, including reducing peak pressure ...
    • A course design for flexible learning

      Petrova, K. (AUT University, 2001)
      Interpreting innovation as “combining information from diverse sources into new knowledge” this paper looks into the advantages which information and communications technology development can bring into the design of a ...
    • A critical evaluation of failure in a nearshore outsourcing project (what dilemma analysis can tell us)

      Clear, Tony; Raza, B; MacDonell, SG (IEEE, 2013)
      Global Software Engineering (GSE) research contains few examples consciously applying what Glass and colleagues have termed an ‘evaluative-critical’ approach. In this study we apply dilemma analysis to conduct a critical ...
    • A cross layer framework for WLANs: joint radio propagation and MAC protocol

      Sarkar, NI (IEEE, 2010)
      This paper proposes a cross-layer design (CLD) framework called channel-aware buffer unit multiple access (C-BUMA) for improving wireless local area network (WLAN) performance. In the framework, the radio propagation (i.e. ...
    • A cyber-icebreaker for an effective virtual group?

      Clear, Tony; Daniels, M. (ACM, 2001)
      This paper reports selected results from the most recent of a series of international collaborative trials between students at Auckland University of Technology and Uppsala University. The trials require students to work ...
    • A data mining approach to analysing airborne wood particulate concentration and atmospheric data

      Shanmuganathan, S; Ibrahim, R; Bakori, SHB (International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia at UNITEN (ICIMu 2014), 2014)
      Exposure to airborne wood (hard and soft) dust can lead to a number of diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and upper respiratory tract cancers, lately even proven to be linked to elevated risks for chromosomal ...
    • A debt behaviour model

      Zhang, W (arXiv.org, 2014)
      A stochastic model with hidden discrete Markov processes is constructed to understand the behavior of debtors.
    • A diagram (Geology)(2011)

      Cullen, P
      A Diagram was an outdoor site-based sculptural work comprising a tower, a deck structure, a vertical ladder and support structure, benches and a field of rocks. The installation of spatially dispersed objects configured a ...
    • A dynamic algorithm for reachability games on trees

      Khoussainov, B; Liu, J; Khaliq, I (Springer, 2009)
      Our goal is to start the investigation of dynamic algorithms for solving games that are played on finite graphs. The dynamic game determinacy problem calls for finding efficient algorithms that decide the winner of the ...
    • A dynamic algorithm for reachability games on trees

      Khoussainov, B; Liu, J; Khaliq, I (Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009)
      Our goal is to start the investigation of dynamic algorithms for solving games that are played on finite graphs. The dynamic game determinacy problem calls for finding efficient algorithms that decide the winner of the ...
    • A Fale Samoa at Tropical Islands Resort, Germany: performing Samoa to the world

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Simati, BK (Centre for Samoan Studies (CSS), the National University of Samoa, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • A flexible and reasonable mechanism for self-interested agent team forming

      Bai, Q; Zhang, M (IOS Press, 2008)
      As social entities, intelligent agents need to collaborate with others regardless of whether they are cooperative or self-interested. Compared with cooperative agents, collaborations among self-interested agents are more ...
    • A framework for enhancing the social good in computing education: a values approach

      Goldweber, M; Barr, J; Clear, T; Davoli, R; Mann, S; Patitsas, E; Portnoff, S (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2013)
      This paper addresses two interrelated problems currently confronting computer science education, motivating students while simultaneously providing them with the skills they'll need to solve complex interconnected problems. ...
    • A framework for identifying construction companies best practice: A panacea for corporate performance failure

      Oyewobi, LO; Windapo, AO; Cattell, K; Rotimi, J.O.B. (World Building Congress (WBC), 2013)
      This paper is a review of literature on measurements of corporate performance of construction companies in the South African construction industry and the need for improvement in performance measurements. Despite the accrued ...
    • A Framework for Interpreting Bridging Anaphora

      Nand, P; Yeap, W (Springer, 2012)
      In this paper we present a novel framework for resolving bridging anaphora.We argue that anaphora, particularly bridging anaphora, is used as a shortcut device similar to the use of compound nouns. Hence, the two natural ...
    • A framework for product development

      McAloone, TC; Robotham, AJ (NTNU/DTU, Technical University of Denmark, 1999)
      Since the introduction of Integrated Product development in 1985, industry has widely been using this model to understand and articulate their design, business and production activities. Recently, however, the picture has ...
    • A framework for sub-contractor integration in alliance contracts

      Vilasini, N; Neitzert, T; Rotimi, J.O.B.; Windapo, AO (AUT University, 2012)
      Project alliancing involves the active collaboration of construction project owners and non-owner participants (designer, contractors, and suppliers) to deliver projects in an atmosphere of shared responsibilities and ...
    • A HMM POS Tagger for Micro-blogging Type Texts

      Nand, P; Perera, R; Lal, R (Springer Verlag, 2014)
      The high volume of communication via micro-blogging type messages has created an increased demand for text processing tools customised the unstructured text genre. The available text processing tools developed on structured ...
    • A hybrid approach to modelling the climate change effects on Malaysia’s oil palm yield at the regional scale

      Shanmuganathan, S; Narayanan, A; Mohamed, M; Ibrahim, R; Haron, K (Soft Computing and Data Mining (SCDM), University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia, 2014)
      Understanding the climate change effects on local crops is vital for adapting new cultivation practices and assuring world food security. Given the volume of palm oil produced in Malaysia, climate change effects on oil ...
    • A kepstrum approach to filtering, smoothing and prediction with application to speech enhancement

      Moir, TJ; Barrett, JF (The Royal Society London, 2003)
      A kepstrum (or complex-cepstrum) approach to minimum-phase Wiener filtering of stationary scalar processes is proposed and solved for the case of signal plus coloured noise, where the noise possibly includes a white-noise ...