• Supervision for critical thinking: challenges and strategies

      Clear, T (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2014)
      An abstract is not available.
    • Supplier selection in the construction material purchasing function

      Samarasinghe, DAS; Tookey, JE; Rotimi, J.O.B.; Thiruchelvam, S (World Business Institute (WBI), 2012)
      Construction materials occupy a significant part of the construction’s value contributing nearly 50%. Thus when selecting construction materials, it is very important that painstaking decisions should be made. Past literature ...
    • Supply chain collaboration in New Zealand house construction

      Samarasinghe, A; Tookey, J; Rotimi, J.O.B. (Australasian Universities Building Education Association (AUBEA), 2013)
      Concurrent with the development of interest in supply chain management (SCM) in the broad manufacturing sector, there has been increasing interest and research in SCM in relation to construction. The construction supply ...
    • Sure to rise: reading the Edmonds cookery book as a popular icon

      Piatti-Farnell, L (2013)
      Cookbooks are one of a variety of written forms that can be read as historical documents, functioning as testaments to individual, familial and cultural development. In the recipe, one can find a sense of culinary preference ...
    • Surrender

      White, M; Charman, J (Lopdell House Gallery, 2011)
      A collaborative event between poet and photographer, presented as a simultaneous poetry reading and video performance for "rhythm & verse" series for the Titirangi Music Festival and Poetry Event
    • Sustainability design history

      Jackson, M (Design Philosophy Papers (DPP), 2010)
      Michel Foucault’s last published monograph, The Care of the Self, may be considered from the vantage point of how the question of ethics and aesthetics have been separated, or more precisely, how a self becomes a manifold ...
    • Sustainable design education: designing virtual online teaching resources for fashion and textiles

      Finn, A; Fraser, K (Common Ground, 2015)
      In an environment of economic uncertainty and increasing competition, universities are challenged to find alternate methods of maintaining quality educational outcomes given the rising costs for teaching space. Further, ...
    • Synthesis of As-sintered 60NiTi Parts with a High Open Porosity Level

      Khanlaria, K; Ramezani, M; Kelly, P; Cao, P; Neitzert, T (Scielo, 2018)
      60NiTi, despite exhibiting attractive chemical and mechanical properties desirable for biomedical applications, has not yet been processed to a porous structure suitable for general bone replacement applications. In this ...
    • Synthetic Minority Over-sampling TEchnique (SMOTE) for predicting software build outcomes

      Pears, R; Finlay, JA; Connor, AM (Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School, 2014)
      In this research we use a data stream approach to mining data and construct decision Tree models that predict software build outcomes in terms of software metrics that are derived from source code used in the software ...
    • System innovation for sustainability at product development level: a conceptual framework

      Gaziulusoy, I (AUT University, 2011)
      It is now commonly accepted that, in order to achieve sustainability, the socio-technical systems which fulfil social functions such as housing, food, mobility need to be transformed. This transformation is known as system ...
    • System innovation for sustainability at product development level: a scenario method and a workshop process

      Gaziulusoy, I; Boyle, C; McDowall, R (New Zealand Society for Sustainability Engineering and Science, 2010)
      It is now commonly accepted that, in order to achieve sustainability, we need societal transformation, which requires institutional, social/cultural, organisational as well as technological change. This type of massive ...
    • A Systematic Approach to Modelling Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for Global Optimization

      Am, V; Currie, J; Wilson, D (IEEE, 2017)
      As more innovative organic Rankine cycle (ORC) designs are being proposed, it is becoming more important that a reliable and robust modelling approach is crucial for optimizing these systems. While commercial simulation ...
    • Systematic literature reviews and undergraduate research

      Clear, Tony (ACM, 2012)
      No abstract.
    • A Systematic Review of Vulnerabilities in Hypervisors and Their Detection

      Litchfield, A; Shahzad, A (Association for Information Systems (AIS), 2017)
      The paper presents a systematic review of risk assessment processes to provide an overview of the risks to cloud computing and identify future research directions. This paper also provides an analysis of sophisticated ...
    • Take me away ... In search of original dwelling

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Wikiteria, K.-A. (Enigma, 2010)
      No abstract.
    • Talking Backwards in a Land without Shadows

      Jowsey, S (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 2018)
      In 1837 I arrived here, inside the belly of a dream. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge , had not yet charted its likeness. I am speaking backwards here, where ‘...the body separates itself from thought, … ...
    • Tanah Papua, Asia-Pacific News Blind Spots and Citizen Media: From the ‘Act of Free Choice’ Betrayal to a Social Media Revolution

      Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
      For five decades Tanah Papua, or the West Papua half of the island of New Guinea on the intersection of Asia and the Pacific, has been a critical issue for the region with a majority of the Melanesian population supporting ...
    • The TANAMI Multiwavelength Program: Dynamic SEDs of Southern Blazars

      Krauß, F; Wilms, J; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trüstedt, J; Edwards, PG; Stevens, J; Ros, E; Baumgartner, W; Beuchert, T; Blanchard, J; Buson, S; Carpenter, B; Dauser, T; Falkner, S; Gehrels, N; Gräfe, C; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Kreikenbohm, A; Kreykenbohm, I; Langejahn, M; Leiter, K; Lovell, JEJ; Müller, C; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Pursimo, T; Phillips, C; Plötz, C; Quick, J; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      Context. Simultaneous broadband spectral and temporal studies of blazars are an important tool for investigating active galactic nuclei (AGN) jet physics. Aims. We study the spectral evolution between quiescent and flaring ...
    • TANAMI: Tracking Active Galactic Nuclei with Austral Milliarcsecond Interferometry - II. Additional Sources

      Muller, C; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trustedt, J; Edwards, PG; Ros, E; Carpenter, B; Angioni, R; Blanchard, J; Bock, M; Burd, PR; Dorr, M; Dutka, MS; Eberl, T; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Katz, U; Krauss, F; Lovell, JEJ; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Phillips, C; Plotz, C; Pursimo, T; Quick, JFH; Stevens, J; Thompson, DJ; Tingay, SJ; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S; Wilms, J; Zensus, JA (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Context. TANAMI is a multiwavelength program monitoring active galactic nuclei (AGN) south of −30◦ declination including highresolution Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) imaging, radio, optical/UV, X-ray and γ-ray ...
    • TEAC research funding proposals considered harmful: ICT research at risk

      Clear, Tony (NACCQ, 2003)
      As Information Technology (IT) educators, whether career academics or former practitioners, it seems exceedingly rare to find environments in which IT is understood, appropriately managed or nurtured. To expect enlightened ...