• A Critique of Rata on the Politics of Knowledge and Māori Education

      Stewart, G; Devine, N (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, 2019)
      This article unpacks and critiques the scholarship of Elizabeth Rata on the politics of knowledge in education. Rata represents a widespread, though covert, influence within the global academy of an imperialist form of ...
    • “Don't tell me, show me!” Rethinking scholarship in the age of the video journal

      Stewart, G (Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)
      No abstract.
    • The ‘Hau’ of Research: Mauss Meets Kaupapa Māori

      Stewart, G (Indiana University, 2017)
      ‘The Gift’ is the English title of a small book first published in French in 1925 by sociologist Marcel Mauss, which catalyzed an ongoing debate linked to a wide range of scholarship. Mauss’s gift theory included the Māori ...
    • He iti, he pounamu: The Significance of Doctoral Theses Written in Te Reo Māori

      Stewart, G (Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, 2019)
      This article illuminates the embryonic academic practice of writing doctoral theses in te reo Mäori, storying the experiences of graduates, supervisors, examiners and senior managers involved in this pathway. In keeping ...
    • In the Market for an ECE Transition-to-school Programme?

      Benade, L; De Lautour, N; Stover, S; Stewart, G (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2017)
      This article draws on a small evaluation research project, conducted in one early childhood education (ECE) centre in Auckland, New Zealand, with the aim of supporting its capacity for self-review. The centre management ...
    • Is peer review in academic publishing still working?

      Jackson, L; Peters, MA; Benade, L; Devine, N; Arndt, S; Forster, D; Gibbons, A; Grierson, E; Jandrić, P; Lazaroiu, G; Locke, K; Mihaila, R; Stewart, G; Tesar, M; Roberts, P; Ozoliņš, JJ (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
      Peer review is central to academic publishing. Yet for many it is a mysterious and contentious practice, which can cause distress for both reviewers, and those whose work is reviewed. This paper, produced by the Editors’ ...
    • A Māori Crisis in Science Education?

      Stewart, G (AUT University, 2017)
      This article is written for teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand schools who teach science to Year 7-10 students or as part of a primary classroom programme under NZC (the New Zealand Curriculum). What can teachers do about ...
    • Postdigital Dialogue

      Jandric, P; Ryberg, T; Knox, J; Lacković, N; Hayes, S; Suoranta, J; Smith, M; Steketee, A; Peters, MA; McLaren, P; Ford, DR; Asher, G; McGregor, C; Stewart, G; Williamson, B; Gibbons, A (Elsevier, 2018)
      This article is a multi-authored experimental postdigital dialogue about postdigital dialogue. Fourteen authors were invited to produce their sections, followed by two author-reviewers who examined the article as a whole. ...
    • Reading the 'Ghost Book': Māori Talk About Washday at the Pā, by Ans Westra

      Stewart, G; Dale, H (Springer, 2018)
      Washday at the Pā was an old school journal - a book designed for young readers, containing a photo-story of a typical day at home for a Māori mother and her children. Washday was published in 1964 by School Publications ...
    • Rebooting biculturalism in education in Aotearoa-New Zealand

      Stewart, G (Tuwhera, Auckland University of Technology, 2018)
      A response to Christine Jenkin (2017). Early childhood education and biculturalism: Definitions and implications. New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work, 14(1), 8-20.
    • Thinking About Learning in Apocalyptic Times

      Stewart, G (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2018)
    • What Can Indigenous Feminist Knowledge and Practices Bring to “indigenizing” the Academy?

      Anderson, K; Ruíz, EF; Stewart, G; Tlostanova, M (Indiana University Press, 2019)
      More than a decade has passed since North American Indigenous scholars began a public dialogue on how we might “Indigenize the academy.” Discussions around how to “Indigenize” and whether it’s possible to “decolonize” the ...