• Married Emirati students pursuing teaching careers for the perspective of their spouses

      Tennant, L; Saqr, S; Stringer, P (International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Press (IACSIT Press), 2014)
      Women’s enrollment in higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has increased dramatically over the years. In this paradigm of change, gender role delineation and the repercussion this has on values, thinking and ...
    • Married female Emirati students pursuing Higher Education: striking a balance

      Tennant, L; Saqr, S; Stringer, P (Zayed University, United Arab Emirates, 2012)
      Opportunities for females to pursue higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been recognized as important and strengthened significantly over the last decade. Our research was an attempt to gain insight on ...
    • A Māori Crisis in Science Education?

      Stewart, G (AUT University, 2017)
      This article is written for teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand schools who teach science to Year 7-10 students or as part of a primary classroom programme under NZC (the New Zealand Curriculum). What can teachers do about ...
    • Mātauranga Māori: A Philosophy From Aotearoa

      Stewart, GT (Taylor and Francis, 2020)
      This paper responds to an earlier one about mātauranga Māori by Dan Hikuroa [2017. Mātauranga Māori—the ūkaipō of knowledge in New Zealand. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand. 47(1):5–10], in a spirit of koha ...
    • Measure Twice, Cut Once. An Auto-ethnographic Narrative - Reflecting on Knowledge

      Benade, L; Naughton, C (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA), 2013)
      Questions concerning measurement and assessment in the classroom most often refer to learning outcomes, achievement statements and value-added progression in literacy and numeracy, to suggest some key examples. This ...
    • Measuring Adolescents’ Tourism Satisfaction: The Role of Mood and Perceived Parental Style

      Shavanddasht, M; Schanzel, H (SAGE Publications, 2018)
      Adolescents have become an attractive market for tourism because they represent a sizeable population segment with an increasing influence on family purchases. There is an urgent need to understand adolescents’ needs, ...
    • Measuring changes in family wellbeing in New Zealand 1981 to 2006

      Crothers, CH; Cotterrell,, G; Von Randow, M (New Zealand Sociology, 2013)
      Since the mid-1980s, New Zealand has experienced extensive economic, social and political reforms. The economic impact of these changes has been closely monitored and much commented upon. However, the social impacts of the ...
    • Media Images and the Gendered Representation of Chefs

      Chen, B; McIntosh, AJ; Harris, C; Goodsir, W (Taylor & Francis, 2020)
      Images portrayed in online media may influence societal perceptions of chefs, with the potential to perpetuate gender segregation in the professional kitchen. Little scholarly attention in previous research has been given ...
    • Meeting the needs of visiting in-service EFL teachers from China

      Conway, C; Richards, H (AUT University; VUW, 2007)
      Providing short term intensive professional development courses that successfully meet the needs of course participants can be a challenging task. This paper discusses a tailor- made programme for visiting overseas teachers ...
    • Mermaiding as a Form of Marine Devotion: a Case Study of a Mermaid School in Borocay, Philippines

      Porter, BA; Lueck, M (Macquarie University, 2018)
      Mermaiding, the practice of wearing a mermaid tail and/or costume, and often swimming in costume, began in the mid-20th Century and has since grown into a global phenomenon. Despite its increasing popularity, there appears ...
    • Metamorphosis in hospitality: from prostitution to harassment

      Poulston, J (Department of Tourism, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2006)
      Sexual harassment is significantly more common in hospitality than in other industries, and has a negative impact on both individuals and workplaces where it occurs. The New Zealand Human Rights Commission ’s 2001 report ...
    • Misuse of foreign diplomatic passports

      Deckert, A; Deckert, A (Queensland University of Technology, 2011)
      A number of internet consultancies advertise their highly-priced intermediary services for obtaining a genuine diplomatic passport. Clients are promised increased status, tax relief, and diplomatic immunity. Under the ...
    • A model-based online framework for Kanji learning

      Nesbitt, DA (Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL), 2013)
      This article presents a conceptual CALL model of kanji learning set within a framework of outcome-specific learning tools and cognitive support structure. The kanji learning ‘package’ will enable learners to manage the ...
    • Motivation and challenges of married Emirati students in teacher education

      Tennant, L; Stringer, P; Saqr, S (Natural Sciences Publishing, 2013)
      This article provides an insight into the issues married female Emirati students face in pursuit of a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) teaching degree from the perspective of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) context. Their views ...
    • Moving Out of Our Comfort Zones to Make a Difference - Do We Really Want To?

      Strauss, P (Higher Education Close Up (HECU), 2014)
      In this paper I would like to focus on postgraduate teaching and supervision. I ask whether some of the issues raised by our keynote speakers could not be meaningfully addressed by academics if they were willing to think ...
    • Multidimensional Quality of Life of Older Adults in South Africa

      Rossouw, S; Greyling, T; Kopylova, N (Springer, 2022)
      It is estimated that by 2050, the world population over the age of 65 will reach 1.5 billion. The United Nations predicts that the fastest growth will be in Africa, which suffers from extreme poverty and inequalities. ...
    • A Multilevel Analysis of Leader-member Exchange (LMX) and Leader-member Guanxi (LMG) in the Chinese Hospitality Industry

      Wang, P (International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional education (ICHRIE), 2015)
      This research adopts a quantitative method to investigate the supervisor-subordinate relationship and how it affects staff performance in Chinese hospitality industry from a multi-level perspective. An indigenous construct, ...
    • Naming the Early Childhood Professional: Artefacts, Childish Pursuits and Critical Questions

      Gibbons, A (Auckland University of Technology, 2018)
      This article addresses the problem of naming those who work with children in early childhood education setting. The article works through some perceived problems associated with shifting boundaries in the profession of ...
    • New Zealand Government Social Research Literature Study

      Crothers, C; Fourt-wells, S (Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SAANZ), 2018)
      No abstract.
    • New Zealand Pew Survey ‘Spring 2021’ COVID-Related Results

      Crothers, C (School of Social Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
      NZ results relating to Covid of a ‘Spring’ Pew Research center survey are presented. NZers tend to be strong supporters of NZ’s handling of the Covid outbreak.