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    • Function-Spacer-Lipid (FSL) constructs enable inkjet printing of blood group antigens

      Barr, K; Diegel, O; Parker, S; Bovin, N; Henry, S (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2010)
      A limitation of inkjet printing antigens to solid surfaces is that the molecule to be printed must be dispersible in solution, retain antigenicity, and remain on the printed surface when exposed to biological solutions. ...
    • Inkjet printing of Function-Spacer-Lipid (FSL) biomolecules

      Barr, K; Diegel, O; Parker, S; Henry, SM (AUT University, 2011)
      FSL constructs (KODE Biotech Limited) consist of 3 parts: a functional head group (F), a spacer (S) and a lipid tail (L). The lipid tail acts as an anchor to localise the functional head group to a lipophilic surface, e.g. ...