• Back to the Future Post Pandemic Socially Constructed Blended Synchronous Learning - Vignettes from the Mobile Learning SIG

      Cochrane, T; Narayan, V; Aiello, S; Birt, J; Cowie, N; Cowling, M; Deneen, C; Goldacre, P; Alizadeh, M; Sinfield, D; Stretton, T; Worthington, T (ASCILITE, 2021)
    • A Collaborative Design Model to Support Hybrid Learning Environments During Covid19

      Sinfield, D; Cochrane, T; Birt, J; Cowie, N; Deneen, C; Goldacre, P; Narayan, V; Ransom, L; Worthington, T (ASCILITE, 2020)
      Designing online learning environments that replicate a large lecture environment require relatively simple substitution of pedagogical practice and are typically achieved using video streaming technologies such as Zoom. ...
    • Designing a Virtual Health Faculty Hub

      Cochrane, T; Aiello, S; Cook, S; Stretton, T; Britnell, S; Narayan, V; Aguayo, C (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCLITE), 2018)
      In this paper, we discuss the design of a 360-degree virtual environment experience for Health School students to explore seven university health disciplines within the School of Clinical Science. This teaching approach ...
    • Exploring Mobile Mixed Reality in Healthcare Higher Education: A Systematic Review

      Stretton, T; Cochrane, T; Narayan, V (Co-Action Publishing, 2018)
      Background: The evolution of technology and simulation has had a significant impact on clinical education. However, it remains grounded in traditional teaching paradigms, limiting potential for enhanced learning. Furthermore, ...
    • A Mobile Ecology of Resources for Covid-19 Learning

      Sinfield, D; Narayan, V; Cochrane, T; Cowie, N; Hinze, M; Birt, J; Deneen, C; Goldacre, P; Ransom, L; Worthington, T (ASCILITE, 2020)
      Educators around the world have had to switch to emergency remote teaching in a matter of days, for some it happened overnight (Bozkurt et al, 2020). While students have always met the educators in their space that is ...
    • Nursing Students As Agents of Change: Empowering Patients Using Mobile Technology in Health Promotion

      Britnell, S; Conaglen, J; Johns, S; Narayan, V (Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre, 2014)
      Nursing students from AUT University perform health assessments in the workplace as a part of their clinical learning experience. In this study, the authors evaluated the use of iPad mini’s and a Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi (3G ...