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    • Applying Visual Cryptography to Enhance Text Captchas

      Yan, X; Liu, F; Yan, WQ; Lu, Y
      Nowadays, lots of applications and websites utilize text-based captchas to partially protect the authentication mechanism. However, in recent years, different ways have been exploited to automatically recognize text-based ...
    • Does reliable pirated product lead to more piracy?

      Lu, Y; Poddar, S (Department of Economics, AUT University, 2012)
      Conventional wisdom would suggest if a pirated product, which is cheaper than the original product, becomes more reliable then the relative demand of the pirated product or the rate of piracy will increase ...
    • Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of fermented sheepmeat sausage

      Lu, Y; Young, OA; Brooks, JD (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2014)
      The aim of the study was to compare the physicochemical and sensory characteristics of fermented, cured sausages made from equivalent muscle groups of beef, pork, and sheepmeat. The last has no commercial examples and ...