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    • How (Not) to Write an Introductory Programming Exam

      SImon; Sheard, J; D'Souza, D; Lopez, M; Luxton-Reilly, A; Putro, IH; Robbins, P; Teague, D; Whalley, JL (Australian Computer Society, Inc., 2015)
      The computing education literature shows some recent interest in assessment in introductory programming, with papers analysing final examinations and other papers proposing small sets of examination questions that might ...
    • How difficult are exams? A framework for assessing the complexity of introductory programming exams

      Sheard, J; Simon; Carbone, A; Chinn, D; Clear, Tony; Corney, M; D'Souza, D; Fenwick, J; Harland, J; Laakso, M-J; Teague, D (Australian Computer Society (ACS), 2013)
      Student performance on examinations is influenced by the level of difficulty of the questions. It seems reasonable to propose therefore that assessment of the difficulty of exam questions could be used to gauge the level ...
    • Introductory programming: examining the exams

      Simon,; Sheard, J; Carbone, A; Chinn, D; Laakso, M; Clear, Tony; deRaadt, M; D'Souza, D; Lister, R; Philpott, A; Skene, J; Warburton, G (ACS, 2012)
      This paper describes a classification scheme that can be used to investigate the characteristics of introductory programming examinations. The scheme itself is described and its categories explained. We describe in detail ...