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      Charlton, J (DARC (Digital Aesthetics Research Centre), Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture, 2015)
      No abstract.
    • Augmented body: changing interactive body play

      Martin, M; Charlton, J; Connor, AM (ACM, 2014)
      This paper investigates the player’s body as a system capable of unfamiliar interactive movement through digital mediation in a playful environment. Body interactions with both digital and non-digital environments are ...
    • Interview With a Chainsaw: An Object Oriented Exploitation Manual

      Charlton, J (College of Fine Arts (COFA), National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA), UNSW, 2014)
      This submission proposes critical reflection on an action in which the artist conducts an interview with a chainsaw. The submission is comprised of two recordings – the interview, and a contextual reading of the interview. ...
    • Mainstreaming video annotation software for critical video analysis

      Martin, M; Charlton, J; Connor, AM (Common Ground, 2015)
      The range of video annotation software currently available is set within commercially specialized professions, distributed via outdated sources or through online video hosting services. As video content becomes an ...
    • No More and Less: The Withdrawal of Speculation

      Charlton, J (Ubiquity Press, Ltd., 2019)
      In the ten years since the seminal workshop on Speculative Realism at Goldsmiths College (Bassier), speculation has become the new noumenon of the art world: Promising the final fulfilment of the avant-garde dream that ...
    • Post screen not displayed

      Charlton, J (Edicao, 2014)
      It seems that we are always waiting for screens. But what are we really waiting for? Treating the screen as an object of sculptural concern, this paper attempts to understand how inherent event-relationships might escape ...