• Tackling Institutional Racism As a Wicked Public Health Problem: The Case for Anti-racism Praxis

      Came, H; Griffith, DM (Elsevier, 2017)
      Institutional racism is a wicked public health problem that fuels systemic health inequities between population groups in New Zealand, the United States and elsewhere. While literature has examined racism and its effects ...
    • Tai Chi for falls prevention: the effect of group exercise

      Binns, E; Taylor, D; Hale, L; Schluter, P; Waters, D; McCracken, H; McPherson, K; Wolf, S (World Confederation for Physical Therapy, 2011)
      Purpose: To investigate the effectiveness of a modified Tai Chi programme compared with a low-level exercise programme to reduce falls in community dwelling older adults with a falls risk. Relevance: About a third of adults ...
    • Take me away ... In search of original dwelling

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Wikiteria, K.-A. (Enigma, 2010)
      No abstract.
    • Taking feng shui seriously

      Poulston, J (AUT University, 2009)
      Feng shui is a form a geomancy (divination) based on the landscape, and was initially used to select burial sites in China to ensure the spirits of the dead were protected from evil spirits. According to Eastern traditions, ...
    • Taking it into account: caring for disabled mothers during pregnancy and birth

      Payne, DA; Guerin, B; Roy, D; Giddings, L; Farqhar, C; McPherson, K (Springer, 2014)
      BACKGROUND: Although more disabled women are pursuing motherhood over time, little is known about their needs and experiences in achieving this goal. METHODS: A 3-phase study was designed with the aim of identifying ways ...
    • Taku Manu Tāwhiowhio

      King, JS (AUT University; Tāmata Toiere, 2011)
      I te marama o Hakihea, i te tau 2010, i toko ake te huatau kia titoa tētehi waiata mō Tā Pāora Reeves. Nā tōna kaha ki te mahi i te ao Māori, i te ao Pākehā, ā, i te ao Atua anō hoki. E mohiotia whānuitia ana e te tī, e ...
    • Taku Maukura e Rere Rā

      King, JS (AUT University; Te Ipukarea, 2011)
      He Poroporoaki ki a Tā Pāora Reeves, Te Manukura o Te Wānanga Aronui o Tāmaki Makaurau 2005-20011. Poroporoaki are eulogies, or farewell speeches to the dead, and contain beautiful language and express people’s grief. ...
    • A Tale of Two Tragedies

      Hollingsworth, R (The School of Education at Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa New Zealand., 2015)
      A multiple-fatality outdoor education event in New Zealand in 2008 revealed that a ‘systems approach’ towards managing risks and training staff, was widely considered to be normal and ‘best practice’. This approach champions ...
    • Talking Backwards in a Land without Shadows

      Jowsey, S (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 2018)
      In 1837 I arrived here, inside the belly of a dream. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge , had not yet charted its likeness. I am speaking backwards here, where ‘...the body separates itself from thought, … ...
    • The TANAMI Multiwavelength Program: Dynamic SEDs of Southern Blazars

      Krauß, F; Wilms, J; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trüstedt, J; Edwards, PG; Stevens, J; Ros, E; Baumgartner, W; Beuchert, T; Blanchard, J; Buson, S; Carpenter, B; Dauser, T; Falkner, S; Gehrels, N; Gräfe, C; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Kreikenbohm, A; Kreykenbohm, I; Langejahn, M; Leiter, K; Lovell, JEJ; Müller, C; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Pursimo, T; Phillips, C; Plötz, C; Quick, J; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      Context. Simultaneous broadband spectral and temporal studies of blazars are an important tool for investigating active galactic nuclei (AGN) jet physics. Aims. We study the spectral evolution between quiescent and flaring ...
    • TANAMI: Tracking Active Galactic Nuclei with Austral Milliarcsecond Interferometry - II. Additional Sources

      Muller, C; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trustedt, J; Edwards, PG; Ros, E; Carpenter, B; Angioni, R; Blanchard, J; Bock, M; Burd, PR; Dorr, M; Dutka, MS; Eberl, T; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Katz, U; Krauss, F; Lovell, JEJ; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Phillips, C; Plotz, C; Pursimo, T; Quick, JFH; Stevens, J; Thompson, DJ; Tingay, SJ; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S; Wilms, J; Zensus, JA (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Context. TANAMI is a multiwavelength program monitoring active galactic nuclei (AGN) south of −30◦ declination including highresolution Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) imaging, radio, optical/UV, X-ray and γ-ray ...
    • Tariff Liberalization in the RCEP Trade Agreement and Impact on India's Automobile Industry: An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis

      Badri Narayanan, G; Sen, R; Srivastava, S (United Nations Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT), 2019)
      Adequate attention has not been paid by researchers towards general equilibrium effects of trade liberalization particularly involving trade in global value chains (GVC) goods, in spite of its emergence being an established ...
    • Tax Reforms and Intertemporal Shifting of Wage Income: Evidence from Danish Monthly Payroll Records

      Skov Ebbesen, S; Kreiner, C. T.; Leth-Petersen, S. (American Economic Association (AEA), 2016)
      This paper uses monthly payroll records for all Danish employees to identify widespread intertemporal shifting of labor income in response to a tax reform that significantly reduced the marginal tax rates for one-fourth ...
    • Taxonomic and Functional Diversity of Soil and Hypolithic Microbial Communities in Miers Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

      Wei, ST; Lacap-Bugler, DC; Lau, MC; Caruso, T; Rao, S; de Los Rios, A; Archer, SK; Chiu, JM; Higgins, C; Van Nostrand, JD; Zhou, J; Hopkins, DW; Pointing, SB (Frontiers Media S.A., 2016)
      The McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica are an extreme polar desert. Mineral soils support subsurface microbial communities and translucent rocks support development of hypolithic communities on ventral surfaces in soil ...
    • Te Ahikāroa: home fires burning

      Robertson, NA (The C. N. Gorman Museum, University of California, Davis, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • Te Ao Taketake

      King, JS (AUT University; Tāmata Toiere, 2011)
      Kua roa tā tātou whawhai, arā, tā te ao taketake whawhai ki a tauiwi, mō te mana motuhake o te tangata. Kei roto i ngā pukapuka hītori me ngā kōrero tuku iho a ngā tūpuna te taunakitanga o ngā taukumekume, o ngā kakaritanga ...
    • Te Ha Whakawairua, Whakatinanan, i Te Matauranga Maori i Te Whare: the validation of indigneous knowledge within the university academy

      Ka'ai, T. M. (Te Kaharoa, 2008)
      This article employs a case-study approach to examine the crucial roles played by Māori Studies Departments in Universities throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand. Comparisons are drawn with similar centres of learning, teaching, ...
    • Te Waka Kuaka, Rasch Analysis of a Cultural Assessment Tool in Traumatic Brain Injury in Māori

      Elder, H; Czuba, K; Kersten, P; Caracuel, A; McPherson, K (F1000 Research, 2017)
      Background: The aim was to examine the validity of a new measure, Te Waka Kuaka, in assessing the cultural needs of Māori with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Methods: Māori from around Aotearoa, New Zealand were recruited. ...
    • Te Whakaako i Te Reo: teaching Maori using the Te Whanake collection

      Moorfield, J. C. (Te Kaharoa, 2008)
      In this article, the use of the Te Whanake textbooks and resources – a comprehensive series designed to teach Maori as a second language to adults – is evaluated. Issues of teaching methodologies, the content of the ...
    • TEAC research funding proposals considered harmful: ICT research at risk

      Clear, Tony (NACCQ, 2003)
      As Information Technology (IT) educators, whether career academics or former practitioners, it seems exceedingly rare to find environments in which IT is understood, appropriately managed or nurtured. To expect enlightened ...