Towards a Mobile Enhancement of Glocal Heritage? Developing User Experiences in Relation to Mobile Technologies, Geo-localisation and Culture

Antonczak, L
Papetti, C
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Considering the recent media coverage and online discussions about Niantic’s Pokémon GO, most academics and professionals would agree that it is the first app to globally popularise mobile locative media (GPS) and augmented reality (AR), raising its potential as a technological medium and as an interface to offer new possibilities for any user. This paper maps technological and user experience changes undertaken through collaboration and professional practices between creative technologists and prosumers (clients and/or users), as they designed digital environments. Based on the notion of augmented space and/or virtual environments, especially in the Tourism sector, the authors analyse how tacit knowledge and service discovery were utilised to facilitate and integrate innovative, engaging and inclusive mobile experiences. Also, whilst proposing a networked model of content creation in augmented space, this paper reflects on some of the mobile characteristics in relation to a glocal (term coined by Robertson in the 1990s) approach through two specific collaborative research projects: Shangri La and the Mobile Innovation Network Australasia (MINA) app. Evidence: - -

Mobile; Locative media; Mixed reality; Tourism; Heritage; User-centred; Glocal; Innovation; Mobiquity
In the Thirteenth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC) Proccedings, 2017, Nice, France, URL: icwmc_2017_4_20_20070
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