Exploring Relational Engagement Practices in Stroke Rehabilitation Using the Voice Centred Relational Approach

Bright, FAS
Kayes, NM
Worrall, LM
McPherson, KM
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Journal Article
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While discussions on patient engagement commonly focus on patient behaviors, a small body of research highlights the patient-practitioner relationship as critical in engagement. Understanding this relationship might be facilitated through a relationally-oriented methodology. The Voice Centred Relational Approach is one such qualitative methodology. Within this paper, we present one turn in a long conversation about this methodology. Drawing on our longitudinal observational study of engagement practices in stroke rehabilitation in New Zealand, we explicate how a theoretical framework can inform how the Voice Centred Relational Approach is enacted in the research process, from entering the field to dissemination. We detail how we adapted the associated analytic techniques (the Listening Guide and i-poems) for use with multiple forms and sources of data. We propose that the underlying relational ontology and relational orientation of this methodology makes it a useful approach in researching relational practice in healthcare.

Engagement; Therapeutic relationships; Listening Guide; Qualitative; Rehabilitation
International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 1-14.
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