Give Them What They Want

Fleet, Karl
Johnson, Mike
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

Corporate Truth is a full-length creative work set within the thriller genre and it is the first book in the series, The Truth Files. It follows Justin Truth’s climb up the corporate ladder in a large multinational corporation. Justin is the personification of the corporate psychopath; he will do anything to anyone to further his career. Justin has an even darker side, he is also a serial killer, murdering the innocent and covering his tracks by making the murders look like freak accidents. While Justin goes about his nasty business, four people are out to expose him. Ross Smith, a hardened detective, has linked together the murders that Justin has committed and is hot on his trail, yet no one except Ross believes these freak accidents are actually the work of a serial killer. Two of Justin’s co-workers, Montana Cruz and Steve Baker, uncover some damning evidence of Justin’s illegal manoeuvring to get his job. They must play within the corporate system to reveal his manipulations and force him out. Justin’s own mother, who knows his dark secrets, fights out of a chemically-induced vegetative state that he put her in, to tell the authorities that his first victim was her husband so he could receive a large insurance payout.

The story twists and turns as the walls slowly tighten around Justin, pulling the reader along a roller coaster as it thunders towards who will be the one to expose Justin, halting his murderous ways and squelching his thirst for power.

Corporate , Truth , Novel , Masters
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