Health Website Usability Including a Motion Capture Study

Alsabhen, Fawaz
Parry, David
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

Use of tablet PCs within healthcare organisations provide many benefits for healthcare providers, as it improves contact between providers, as well as with the patients. Tablet PCs satisfy needs as clinical communication apps are available and progress in development. This research was conducted to find out the usability of tablet PCs by healthcare providers within healthcare services. The usability testing method was designed to be obtained at a hospital. However, due to certain reasons the main experiment was cancelled; instead, a pilot study in MoCap Lab was used to simulate the healthcare environment for recruited participants. The aim of the study was to evaluate motion capture as a usability testing method alongside performing a heuristic evaluation for the navigated web side. In the pilot study three participants were involved in motion capture session. All of their motion was recorded by motion capture instruments while performing their specific tasks using tablet PCs in a simulated healthcare environment. Next, the collected data were converted into 3D animator. In addition, data were collected from the website heuristic evaluation. All movement were recorded effectively and accurately, which lead to consider motion capture protocol a usability testing method with the need to improve the software used for data analysis. According to heuristic evaluation, an expert’s opinion should be considered regarding any website evaluation.

Health , Website , Usability , Motion , capture
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