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dc.contributor.advisorGeorge, James
dc.contributor.advisorMountfort, Paul
dc.contributor.authorKinghan, James
dc.description.abstractThis exegesis will outline genre and development within the draft of the novel; The Annihilation Enigma. This novel has developed and evolved over ten months, influenced by novels, comic books, television shows and roleplaying games, in addition to taking feedback and guidance from a mentor. The novel sits with the dark fantasy and sword and sorcery subgenres of fantasy, illustrating the journey of multiple protagonists all trying to survive. All of these protagonists struggle through the metaphorical hell that is presented to them, mostly through combat and self-discovery. The exegesis discusses the purpose of features within the genre in relation to the novel and the characters involved. These elements of genre include the high amount of combat and violence, and the extensive existence of magic. The novel was written similarly to the way a dungeons and dragons campaign is formed, as an organic and reactionary story with more of an outline and less of a plan. The aim of the novel is to provide a cathartic journey back from a metaphorical underworld, and subsequently and hopefully provide a similar catharsis to those who need a fight to win.en_NZ
dc.publisherAuckland University of Technology
dc.subjectDark fantasyen_NZ
dc.subjectTandem narrativeen_NZ
dc.titleExploring the Depths of Dark Fantasy Within the Annihilation Enigmaen_NZ
dc.typeThesis University of Technology Theses of Creative Writingen_NZ

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