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    • ESSVCS: an enriched secret sharing visual cryptography

      Liu, F; Yan, W-Q; Li, P; Wu, C (Springer, 2013)
      Visual Cryptography (VC) is a powerful technique that combines the notions of perfect ciphers and secret sharing in cryptography with that of raster graphics. A binary image can be divided into shares that are able to be ...
    • The GLEAM 4-Jy (G4Jy) Sample: II. Host Galaxy Identification for Individual Sources

      White, SV; Franzen, TMO; Riseley, CJ; Ivy Wong, O; Kapińska, AD; Hurley-Walker, N; Callingham, JR; Thorat, K; Wu, C; Hancock, P; Hunstead, RW; Seymour, N; Swan, J; Wayth, R; Morgan, J; Chhetri, R; Jackson, C; Weston, S; Bell, M; Gaensler, BM; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Offringa, A; Staveley-Smith, L (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
      The entire southern sky (Declination, d < 30°) has been observed using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), which provides radio imaging of ~2 arcmin resolution at low frequencies (72 231 MHz). This is the GaLactic and ...
    • The MWA GLEAM 4-Jy (G4Jy) Sample

      White, SV; Franzen, TMO; Wong, OI; Kapinska, AD; Riseley, C; Hancock, P; Callingham, J; Hunstead, R; Hurley-Walker, N; Wu, C; Seymour, N; Swan, J; Wayth, R; Morgan, JS; Chhetri, R; Jackson, C; Weston, S; Mauch, T
      Powerful radio-galaxies feature heavily in our understanding of galaxy evolution. However, when it comes to studying their properties as a function of redshift and/or environment, the most-detailed studies tend to be limited ...