• Social, Leisure and Everyday Activities That Occupy People Living in Advanced Age

      Wright St Clair, V; Kerse, N; Hayman, K; Dyall, L (AUT UniversityLeecareSolutions™ (www.leecare.com.au), 2010)
      •Aim of the Living to Advanced Age study •The purpose of this paper •Background to researching elders‟ social, leisure & everyday activities •The outcome measures used •The findings •What do they mean?
    • The Meaning of Being Aged and Being Maori

      Wright St Clair, V (The Selwyn Foundation - Selwyn Centre for Ageing and spirituality, 2009)
      The human entity‟s co-existence in the world is fundamental to an ontological interpretation of the meaning of being (Heidegger, 1927/1962). Accordingly, being-in-the-world is always a mode of „Being-with-Others.‟ Even ...
    • 'unheimlich' or 'Not-at-homeness'

      Wright St Clair, V (AUT University, 2008)
      No abstract.