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    • Antarctica: environment, justice, sustainability & development

      Verbitsky, JE (United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), 2014)
      This paper focuses on Antarctica and its status as a commons area with potential to facilitate both the human rights objectives and development agendas of global south states. It suggests that, using a combined and ...
    • Just transitions and a contested space: Antarctica and the Global South

      Verbitsky, JE (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
      This paper suggests that Global South states should prioritize Antarctica as a core trans-national issue because of the potential rewards it offers in terms of opportunities for advancing their common political and development ...
    • South Africa, Antarctica and the ATS: an unrealized foreign policy opportunity

      Verbitsky, JE (Taylor & Francis, 2015)
      Although South Africa is a founding member of the Antarctic Treaty, the southernmost continent has played little part in its post-apartheid foreign policy. This article, however, argues that vigorous engagement with ...