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    • Some insights into Stirling machine behaviour

      Tucker, AS; Gschwendtner, MA; Haywood, D (Georgia Institute of Technology, ICC Press, 2010)
      Through its involvement in the analysis, design and development of both Stirling engines and refrigerating applications, the Stirling Cycle Research Group at the University of Canterbury has, over several years, encountered ...
    • The development of a Vuilleumier Cryocooler for New Zealand’s high temperature superconductor industry

      Gschwendtner, MA; Tucker, AS (CryoCooler.org, 2008)
      A Vuilleumier cryocooler with a projected cooling capacity of 100 W at 77 K has been developed at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. While most cryocoolers use mechanical compressors with associated vibration, ...