• Para-Whenua-Mea – Muddy-Soil-of-Mother-Earth

      Robertson, N (LIBRUM Publishers & Editors LLC | Basel | Frankfurt am Main, 2019)
      No abstract.
    • Seismic stories

      Robertson, N (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, 2006)
      Today, I will speak of the dead and so I acknowledge nga mate, those who have gone before. This is dedicated to my schoolmates and the other Kawerau kids mentioned today who have passed away. Uncle Tasman - The Trembling ...
    • Silence and forgetting

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Robertson, N (AUT University, 2006)
      No abstract.
    • The 10 Predicaments of Maui. Notes on Tricksters

      Robertson, N (Clouds, Artspace, 2008)
      A 7000 word essay The 10 Predicaments of Maui.Notes on Tricksters. A response to the Francis Alys exhibition (to be continued) 1992- at Artspace, Auckland 2005 on the role of the Trickster and contemporary art.