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    • Persistent Asymmetric Structure of Sagittarius A* on Event Horizon Scales

      Fish, VL; Johnson, MD; Doeleman, SS; Broderick, AE; Psaltis, D; Lu, R-S; Akiyama, K; Alef, W; Algaba, JC; Asada, K; Beaudoin, C; Bertarini, A; Blackburn, L; Blundell, R; Bower, GC; Brinkerink, C; Cappallo, R; Chael, AA; Chamberlin, R; Chan, C-K; Crew, GB; Dexter, J; Dexter, M; Dzib, SA; Falcke, H; Freund, R; Friberg, P; Greer, CH; Gurwell, MA; Ho, PTP; Honma, M; Inoue, M; Johannsen, T; Kim, J; Krichbaum, TP; Lamb, J; León-Tavares, J; Loeb, A; Loinard, L; MacMahon, D; Marrone, DP; Moran, JM; Mościbrodzka, M; Ortiz-León, GN; Oyama, T; Özel, F; Plambeck, RL; Pradel, N; Primiani, RA; Rogers, AEE; Rosenfeld, K; Rottmann, H; Roy, AL; Ruszczyk, C; Smythe, DL; SooHoo, J; Spilker, J; Stone, J; Strittmatter, P; Tilanus, RPJ; Titus, M; Vertatschitsch, L; Wagner, J; Wardle, JFC; Weintroub, J; Woody, D; Wright, M; Yamaguchi, P; Young, A; Young, KH; Zensus, JA; Ziurys, LM (IOP Publishing, 2016)
      The Galactic Center black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) is a prime observing target for the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which can resolve the 1.3 mm emission from this source on angular scales comparable to that of the ...