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    • Factors Affecting Business Process and Business Rule Integration

      Wang, Wei; Indulska, Marta; Sadiq, Shazia (ACIS, 2014)
      Information systems architectures are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented. As a result, organizations struggle to cope with change propagation, compliance management and interoperability, to name a few. Two major ...
    • Integrated Modelling of Business Process Models and Business Rules: A Research Agenda

      Wang, Wei; Indulska, Marta; Sadiq, Shazia (ACIS, 2014)
      Process models are the basis for a wide range of critical activities within an organisation. It is not surprising then that process models, and the act of process modelling, have been the focus of much research over the ...
    • Ontology Usefulness in Human Tasks: Seeking Evidence

      Roa, Henry N; Sadiq, Shazia; Indulska, Marta (ACIS, 2014)
      Ontologies have become popular in a wide range of domains in recent years. Although there is a large number of ontologies in existence, a review on ontology literature indicates a lack of clarity on the notion of ontology ...