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    • The Stroke Riskometer(TM) App: Validation of a Data Collection Tool and Stroke Risk Predictor

      Parmar, P; Krishnamurthi, R; Ikram, MA; Hofman, A; Mirza, SS; Varakin, Y; Kravchenko, M; Piradov, M; Thrift, AG; Norrving, B; Wang, W; Mandal, DK; Barker-Collo, S; Sahathevan, R; Davis, S; Saposnik, G; Kivipelto, M; Sindi, S; Bornstein, NM; Giroud, M; Béjot, Y; Brainin, M; Poulton, R; Narayan, KM; Correia, M; Freire, A; Kokubo, Y; Wiebers, D; Mensah, G; BinDhim, NF; Barber, PA; Pandian, JD; Hankey, GJ; Mehndiratta, MM; Azhagammal, S; Ibrahim, NM; Abbott, M; Rush, E; Hume, P; Hussein, T; Bhattacharjee, R; Purohit, M; Feigin, VL; Stroke RiskometerTM Collaboration Writing Group (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2015)
      The greatest potential to reduce the burden of stroke is by primary prevention of first-ever stroke, which constitutes three quarters of all stroke. In addition to population-wide prevention strategies (the 'mass' approach), ...