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dc.contributor.advisorIngs, Welby
dc.contributor.advisorBathurst, Ralph
dc.contributor.authorVentling, Friedrich Derek
dc.description.abstractThis project constitutes a practice-led investigation of light as a metaphor for divine wisdom and how it might interact conceptually, physically and creatively with manual craft. The genesis of the project lies in Saint Bonaventure’s 13th Century work On the Reduction of the Arts to Theology. His treatise proposes a connective relationship between manual skill, sense perception, intellectual capacity and divine wisdom (as the source of all illumination). In this research, light is explored as form – as a connective agent, one that is interactive yet ephemeral, providing disclosure and exchange. Light itself is also the research tool. It is used to capture, develop and express a subjective interpretation of Bonaventure’s theory of illuminated connectivity. The resulting artefacts (combining analogue and digital techniques) and approaches to research propose a reconsideration of creative consciousness in contemporary graphic design practice.en_NZ
dc.publisherAuckland University of Technology
dc.subjectManual craften_NZ
dc.titleIlluminativa - the coalescence of light and craft thinkingen_NZ
dc.typeThesis University of Technology Theses of Philosophyen_NZ

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