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dc.contributor.authorSchitko, D
dc.contributor.authorLosekoot, E
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Tourism, vol.XIII(1), pp.61 - 78 (17)
dc.description.abstractThis study considers the attitudes to and experiences of travel agents and tourism intermediaries when servicing the needs of mature travellers. It reviews the literature on mature travellers within the broader area of ‘accessible tourism’. The survey of members of a professional association within the travel industry in Auckland, New Zealand highlighted a number of key challenges and opportunities for those working in this increasingly valuable sector of the tourism industry. While this study was a pilot study of the supply side of the tourism industry in Auckland, the research concludes with examples of best practice and some recommendations drawn from the many years’ experience of the survey respondents which would form a useful starting point for a more detailed study considering the experiences of mature travellers.
dc.publisherJournal of Tourism
dc.rightsAuckland University of Technology (AUT) encourages public access to AUT information and supports the legal use of copyright material in accordance with the Copyright Act 1994 (the Act) and the Privacy Act 1993. Unless otherwise stated, copyright material contained on this site may be in the intellectual property of AUT, a member of staff or third parties. Any commercial exploitation of this material is expressly prohibited without the written permission of the owner.
dc.subjectMature traveller
dc.subjectTravel agent
dc.subjectTour operator
dc.subjectCustomer service
dc.subjectNew Zealand
dc.titleAn investigation of the attitudes of travel and tourism intermediaries to mature travellers
dc.typeJournal Article

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