• News, Politics and Diversity in the 2014 New Zealand General Election

      Rupar, V; Owen, TW; Baker, S; Nand, P; Scott, J; Hoyle, C; del Pozo Cruz, J; Shaan Lee, J (Media Observatory, AUT University, 2015)
      No abstract.
    • No More Business-as-usual: Where to Now for International Trade?

      Hall, D (The Policy Observatory, 2017)
      About this report This report is part of an ongoing series on urgent contemporary policy issues in Aotearoa New Zealand. This series is action-oriented and solutions-focused, with an objective of bringing academic ...
    • Nurturing Global Collaboration and Networked Learning in Higher Education

      Cronin, C; Cochrane, T; Gordon, A (Association for Learning Technologies, 2016)
      With the ubiquity of mobile social media in 2014, we consider communities of practice in the wider context of networked communication and networked learning in higher education. In this paper we build upon previous work ...
    • Online News Style-poking a Hornet's Nest: A Preliminary Investigation Into Online Styles in Australian and New Zealand Newspapers

      Lee, A; Treadwell, G (Pacific Media Centre, School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology, 2013)
      Writing news for newspapers and websites typically demands conformity to a style that promotes clarity and ease of reading, and includes a publication’s house style, that inflexible set of rules that ensures things—from ...
    • Pacific freedom of the press: case studies in independent campus-based media models

      Robie, D (University of Queensland, 2010)
      South Pacific university-based journalism school publications were innovative newspaper publishers from 1975 onwards and among early pioneers of online publishing in the mid-1990s. Several publications have become established ...
    • Pacific media freedom 2011: a status report

      Perrottet, A; Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, Auckland University of Technology, 2011)
      Pacific media freedom has been under siege for more than a decade, particularly since an attempted coup in Fiji in May 2000, when a television station was attacked and ransacked, a foreign journalist was shot and wounded ...
    • Pacific solutions

      Robie, D (AUT University, 2005)
      Media students in the South Pacific are being taught how to respond to physical threats and attempts at bribery, as well as journalism, says David Robie.
    • Pan-Asian identity in a globalizing world

      Benson, JS; Rahman, KA (Common Ground Publisher, 2007)
      For many East and South East Asian youth, global citizenship is an increasing reality. This raises new research questions of the process of acculturation and ethnic identity. East and South East Asian immigrants and student ...
    • Pop, Power and Politics: Kiwi FM and the ‘Third Way’ in New Zealand

      Mollgaard, M (MEDIANZ, 2016)
      In 2005 a major multi-national media company launched a New Zealand radio network that played only New Zealand music—Kiwi FM. Within a year it was clear that the experiment had failed, with the ...
    • Power & persuasion: constructing identity in religious communications

      Nairn, AM; Nelson, FM; Johnson, RJK (The Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA), 2015)
      According to Geertz (2002, p. 19), religion is “a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive and long lasting moods and motivations” and provides adherents with a means for understanding the world. The ...
    • Promoting a promotional culture: a case study of the Junior Franklin County News

      Johnson, RJK; Bieldt, N (Australian & New Zealand Communication Association Inc, 2015)
      Although the extraordinary level of commercial speech in New Zealand media is relatively commonly acknowledged (see, for instance, Bell, 1995, Campbell, 2000, Hope, 1996, Horrocks, 2004, Lealand, 2002, Thompson, 2003, ...
    • Radio New Zealand and the Internet: Ten Years of Transformation

      Mollgaard, M (Monash University Prato Italy, 2018)
      In 2007 I surveyed Radio New Zealand audience data to interrogate how its relatively new website was being used by listeners. That research found that ‘the majority of New Zealand users accessed the Radio New Zealand site ...
    • Reclaiming Slowness in Journalism: Critique, Complexity and Difference

      Craig, G (Taylor and Francis, 2016)
      This article outlines an argument for the value of slowness in journalism. It makes an initial argument that our experiences of modernity are not singular experiences of speed and geographical dislocation but increasingly ...
    • Reflections on journalism and objectivity: an episode, ideal or obstacle?

      Rupar, V (Media Studies Programme of the School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies, Victoria University, Wellington, 2006)
      No abstract.
    • Review: A Crusade for Media Truth and Justice

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      The First Casualty: From the Front Lines of the Global War on Journalism, by Peter Greste. Sydney: Viking. 2017. 335 pages. ISBN 9780670079261. PETER GRESTE, the Australian journalist who became a thorn in the side of the ...
    • Review: Charlie Hebdo and the free speech conflict

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      After Charlie Hebdo: Terror, Racism and Free Speech, edited by Gavan Titley, Des Freedman, Gholam Khiabany and Aurélien Mondon. London: Zed Books. 2017. 313 pages. ISBN 9781783609383 IN OCTOBER 2016, I returned to that ...
    • Review: Coups, globalisation and Fiji’s reset ‘democracy’ paradigm

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      The General’s Goose: Fiji’s Tale of Contemporary Misadventure, by Robbie Robertson. Canberra: Australian National University. 2017. 366 pages. ISBN 9781760461 When Commodore (now rear admiral retired and an elected prime ...
    • Review: Indonesian Repression and Betrayal in West Papua

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      Papua Blood: A Photographer’s Eyewitness Account of West Papua Over 30 Years, by Peter Bang. Copenhagen, Denmark: Remote Frontlines, 2018. 248 pages. ISBN 978-87-430-0101-0 See No Evil: New Zealand’s Betrayal of the People ...
    • Revisiting French terrorism in the Pacific: Rainbow Warrior revelations

      Robie, D (Pacific Institute of Resource Management (PIRM), 2006)
      No abstract.
    • The Rise of Tactical Partnerships: Media Converging Beyond Ownership

      Myllylahti, M (MEDIANZ, 2017)
      This qualitative research article explores New Zealand media convergence in an increasingly digital media environment. It considers media ownership convergence in the context of the Commerce Commission’s merger rulings in ...